Our Chicken Tractor

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Ok, if I'm trying to put my pictures here. If it doesn't work, you can find the pictures at www.kountrylife.com in the photo gallery.

(My children painted it.)

If it doesn't work we can blame Chuck. At least I think I followed his instructions. hee hee hee

-- Lavender Blue Dilly (lavenderbluedilly@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002


Well, just how do you make the link show up blue and work?

There are three views of the chicken tractor. If you go to the photo gallery page you will see all three listed.

-- LBD, Maryland (lavenderbluedilly@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002.


You followed my instructions well. The only thing you need to change is that you must put the address of the ACTUAL PICTURE, not the webpage that the picture resides on. You put the address for the page, not the picture. The address for the page is:


The address for the picture is:


To find the right address, you must RIGHT CLICK on the PICTURE ITSELF and choose "properties" from the menu that pops up. It will show you the address, which you can copy and paste into your link.

Don't mix up an IMAGE tag and an ANCHOR tag. An Anchor gives you a link. An image gives you

Anchor tags start with <a href= and Image tags start with <img src=

Got it? :-)

-- Chuck (reply@mission4me.com), February 24, 2002.

Hey COOL! I am larnin' sumthin'! Here are the rest of the pictures...



-- LBD, Maryland (lavenderbluedilly@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002.

here we go again...

-- LBD, Maryland (lavenderbluedilly@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002.

Wow,great job!Do you hire the kids out?My chicken tractor needs painting! LOL

-- Johna (marcnjohna@aol.com), February 24, 2002.

Boy, that's a really neat chicken tractor! Are you going to post plans?

-- Laura Rae Jensen (lrjensen@nwlink.com), February 24, 2002.

Well, I can't really post plans. I drew pictures on graph paper and a friend worked out the actual framing of the thing. If I were to have another made, I think I would square off the top a little more to leave more head room for the roost area. There is enough but maybe not for really large birds.

The other side is exactly the same except that on the middle section of the side you see, I am going to staple 1" chicken hex wire over the opening so that I can raise the door for ventilation when the weather is hot.

-- LBD (lavenderbluedilly@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002.

I can hear my husband growning now... 'You want me to build what?' How many chickens do you think would be comfortable in this size?

-- Bernie from Northern Ontario (bernadette_kerr@hotmail.com), February 25, 2002.

I figure by the square footage the tractor will hold about 5-6 hens, depending on size of the breed. This would seem to be a really good size for a small back yard.

-- LBD, Maryland (lavenderbluedilly@hotmail.com), February 25, 2002.

This looks neat but how do you keep the chickens warm during winter in Oregon?

-- Laura Renae Hunt (horsejumpers@yahoo.com), March 17, 2002.


I've not used this during really cold weather yet. However, my plan is to stack straw bales around the Chicken Tractor base. I would orient the CT so that one side face north and the other side, south. I would stack the bales all the way up the north side and leave the other side accessible. I could also run a drop cord to it and have a light on for them. If the weather were bad enough, I have a regular coop I can put them in.

My experience here in Maryland has been that there are only a few days where it might go below zero, mostly just a few days around 10- 11 degrees. The wind is a problem where we are.

In the spring, the bales become mulch for the garden.

-- Lav, Maryland (lavenderbluedilly@hotmail.com), March 17, 2002.

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