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The Society web site mentions "a different roof, available from BCW" for the new RPO car sides. Here's the question - there's no reference to this in the car side instruction sheet, but I'm presuming it's referring to a modernized roof. I've got one left from another project, but am not sure when the RPO cars got the "turtle" roofs. Faulk's book shows all the RPO/baggage cars as modernized, but all the photos are relatively late. To sum up - for the cars that these sides are appropriate for, when/or if were they modernized?

-- Paul Bizier (, February 24, 2002



I've gone through the diagram book, too - noticed the clerestory roof in it, even though photos dated earlier than the book show "turtle" tops... The diners all appear to show addition of AC ducts, so it makes you wonder why SAL wouldn't show the modernized roofs.


-- Paul Bizier (, February 26, 2002.


According to the data book diagram...(SAL CB-1153) No.'s 98 & 99 were built by PSC in 1924 and modified in 1949 and 1951...don't know which came first....

The book does not specifically say that was the date the roof was changed, but seems reasonable. Interesting, the diagram book, revised as late as 1964...still shows the original C-story roof....

I can ask Tom Christensen, who designed the kit and get back to you....


-- Ted Strickland (, February 24, 2002.

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