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Does anyone have instructions on how to make soy wax?

-- Amber (, February 24, 2002


Sorry, can't help. I have used crayons made of soy. I bought them at Big Lots.

-- Mona in OK (, February 24, 2002.

Found some information, but the process is most likely patent protected now. That doesn't mean that you can not play around with soybean oil and try to develope your own soybean wax, if you have a mind to. Also, it seems to have been very profitable for one person, see second link. Purdue Soybean Contest, "The Soybean Innovation Contest at Purdue, funded by the Indiana soybean checkoff, has been a big asset to soybean farmers in finding new ways to use soybeans. Two previous winners, soybean crayons and soybean candles, are very good examples of the success of this program,"

Cooperative Partners ,

Anderson then developed a patent-pending, clean-burning wax that maintains intense fragrance. She started her candle business with less than $300 in 1998 and expects to gross $6 million in 2001. “We’re continually looking for new ways to market our products and to help producers gain added value for their commodities.” The company has introduced daily-use and intensive-care soy-based lotions, and has developed a soy-lotion bath bar.

She estimates the company will use more than 80 tons of soy oil in 2001.

Learn more at the company’s web site,

-- BC (, February 25, 2002.

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