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First of all I would like to thank everyone on this message board. I have learned a great deal reading the responses from the well versed individuals who take time to educate the rest of us. Now my dilemma. While I was visiting a train show recently I had seen a ACL E6 AB n scale passenger train. I immediately put that at the top of my wish list. The problem is, this passenger train had the stripes (purple yellow and silver) from the engines continuing across the passenger cars. I being very new to model trains assumed it to be stock from a manufacturers line. However I have not been able to locate anything, model or prototype, with this paint scheme. Did ALC have such an animal? Or am I just chasing a snipe? Also I would like to know how many and the arrangement of the passenger and express cars ALC typically ran. Did they ever run ABA and ABBA E6's or E7's? Finally, why did they choose those colors? Thanks!

-- Mark Dicicco (, February 24, 2002


Micro-Trains produced the N-Scale REA Express car in purple. This car does have the yellow stripes, silver, and purple scheme. This car was released in the Fall 2001. The passenger cars that go with the E-6A & B set are correct colors. The only problem with the consist is the dome cars.

-- Carey Stevens (, February 27, 2002.

I think Champion McD. Davis had been indulging in the "magic mushrooms' at the time he made the decision...but Larry Goolsby assures me that this is not the case...

Life-Like made the N-scale E-6's in purple (I think)...what you probably saw was either Heavyweight head-end cars and/or ACL purple express cars... I don't know if these have ever been done for ACL...but decals are available (I think).

As for the consist info.. I HIGHLY recommend you get a copy of Larry Goolsby's ACL Passenger Service it contains TONS of info and photos on just what you are looking for....


Ted in SEABOARD country.

-- Ted Strickland (, February 24, 2002.

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