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I have two bean pots and would love to make my own baked beans. I have tried several recipes but my kids say, YUCK! I can eat them but the recipe calls for vinigar and it is really noticeable. My kids like the canned sort, they are a little too sweet for me. I've tried vegetarian recipes as well as regular recpes but they aren't what the kids like. Does anyone have a recipe that is tried and true to kids likes? They can be spicy. Our new favorite canned beans are Ranch Style Texas Beans. I have no idea what they do to them but the are really spice, not sweet but loads of flavor. I would appreciate any help


-- Susan in Minnesota (, February 24, 2002


Susan, there is a great baked bean recipe in the Tightwad Gazette book. Here is a recipe for "Ranch style beans". Cook one sixteen ounce package of dried pinto beans the usual way(slow cooker all day for me). When almost done, add one chopped onion, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 2 tsp chile powder, one can tomatoes with green chiles(these can be omitted), and one tsp hickory flavored liquid smoke. Cook till onions are soft, and enjoy!!

-- Gina NM (, February 26, 2002.

Ask some of the people from Maine Susan they make beans in um but im not sure how!!

-- Grizz in Western Maryland (, February 27, 2002.

I take the canned beans add salt pork or bacon {fresh smoked },chopped onions, spicy brown mustard ,brown sugar , and molasses.bake at 350 until the liquid is thick.

-- Patty {NY State} (, March 01, 2002.

Here's another good one. Chop half a pound of bacon in small pieces. Cook until its barely crisp. Take the bacon out and put a finely chopped onion in and cook until its tender. Put the bacon back in. Drain the sauce off 2 or 3 cans of pork and beans. Depending on how big your pot is. Add 2 heaping tsp. of dry or prepared mustard, 3/4 cup of some kind of hickory smoked bbq sauce (I use Bulls Eye),brown sugar and molasses. Add the sweet stuff to taste. When you taste remember it gets some sweeter as it cooks down. Bake at 325 degrees until its real thick. I save the tomato sauce from the beans just in case it gets to thick. It will cook in a bean pot but I prefer a cast iron kettle. Blessings Peggy

-- peggy (, March 02, 2002.

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