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I am 66 years old. I started taking piano lessons one year ago when I retired from my law practice. Do you have any material for an older adult who wants to learn to play the correct way the first time. Information about practicing or anything else related to an old guy learning to play the piano well will be appreciated. If I have come to the wrong place can to direct me to help? Thanks.

-- Larry Henry Evans (, February 24, 2002


Hi Larry. You might try Alfred's Basic Piano Library for the Adult beginner. It seems to cover a lot in one book. There are also other ones you can try; just go to your local music store and ask the pros there where to look. Believe me, you have come to the right place! I just discovered this website last week, and it is GREAT! Good Luck!

-- Deanne (, February 24, 2002.

Hello Larry - My husband is also a 66 year old "recovering lawyer," and we also have recently started taking piano lessons, although for us it is after a hiatus of about 55 years. It is different, isn't it? Fingers don't do exactly what the brain tells them to! Adults, I guess, think we should do better than we can. Our teacher, who we believe is very good, tries to make us feel better by saying, "You are successful as adults, parents, contributors to your communities, doing well, and then...enter the piano!" I just wanted to wish you luck, and if you have come across anything that is particularly applicable to adults learning, we would be grateful if you would share! Thanks! Shirley

-- Shirley Gibson (, March 02, 2002.

Larry--good for you! I applaud any older beginner. I began teaching myself, I worked all the way through the Alfred Adult Piano Course which covers three levels of piano/theory/technique...its great! I've just gotten a teacher a few months ago (I'm 50) an tested at level 6. My husband began teaching himself 3 years ago and is now in two Jazz Combo groups--and the piano and bass players are in their 70s (and adult 'beginners')--so anything is possible. It may take us older ones a little longer, but we have the desire, commitment and time the young often don't. Good Luck! Meg

-- Meg (, February 12, 2003.

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