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Our neighbor just gave us a bunch of turnips,no tops just bulbs. I have never had them before and have no idea how to cook them. HELP!

-- Daryll in NW FLA (, February 24, 2002


just like baked or boiled taters/carrots

-- Stan (, February 24, 2002.

I used to refuse to eat them unless they were raw! (I also declared pizza and tacos to be poison - I promise, you can ask my mom!)

Nowadays I like them boiled and drained, with butter, salt and pepper! I'm the only one in the house who will eat them, though!

-- Christine in OK (, February 24, 2002.

Peel and boil them till tender. Drain. Mash them with a little evaporated or regular milk ( about 1/4 cup depending on how many you have), a tablespoon or so of sugar and a dash or two of red pepper flakes. This is my favorite.

-- Kristean Thompson (, February 25, 2002.

Kristean----just took the words right out of my mouth---as that is exactly how I fix them!!!! Exactly!!!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, February 28, 2002.

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