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An internet bank, Ingdirect is offering a $25.00 sign up bonus on any savings account. It's rated the highest interest paying bank by Kiplingers Magazine. There is NO account minimum. So you can (via the net) open an account with a measley $5.00 and automatically get the $25.00 bonus plus get interest on your money. The money will be taken from your checking account. Like any US bank, all accounts are FDIC insured. Email me and I'll send you the link for the Bonus page. Got to make money anyway I can!

-- DAVID Constantin In Wisconsin (, February 24, 2002


you may already know of this site David but I thought I'd mention anyway. Once in a while they still highlight free offers out there.

The freebies on the net have really dried up in last year. In 99 and 2000 I was getting a few freebies a week, mostly tshirts from tech companies. I got a nice spotting scope and tshirt last week. If you do any equity trading you might want to look at Last week they were offering free unlimited trades for a month with new accounts. That could add up to alot of savings if you flip any stocks and they're a good online broker to do it with.

-- Dave (, March 01, 2002.

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