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I am trying to locate any information (pictures, newspaper clippings, etc.) pertaining to a Seaboard train wreck which I was told occurred in Feb-March of 1953. Not sure of exactly where the accident happened, but the train supposedly originated out of Miami and was southbound when the wreck occurred. Several people were killed as a result. Supposedly, this same train had another wreck 2 months afterwards. A friend had a copy of a Miami Herald newspaper article about it, but lost it many years ago -- I'd like to replace it. Does this scenerio ring a bell with anyone? Any suggestions? I appreciate your help on this.

-- Sandy Craighead (, February 24, 2002


Sandy, any Seaboard train originating in Miami and headed southbound would have to be heading toward Homestead 30 miles south. This line was always freight only, so I doubt it happened here. A quick check of a Seaboard book doesn't show any locomotives being wrecked in early 1953. But I'm sure the answer isn't far off. Wasn't there a head-on wreck involving the Tidewater south of Portsmouth VA around that same time???

-- Bob Venditti (, February 24, 2002.

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