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I have several patterns that call for garter stitch ,and I don't know what it is, could some one tell me thanks. Brenda The Farm

-- Brenda (, February 23, 2002


Hi Brenda, garter stitch is simply knitting every stitch, every row. Easy, fun and it doesn't curl so it is good for things like shawls and scarves. It looks the same on both sides. What are you going to make?

-- nancy (, February 23, 2002.

Yep, just straight, plain knitting. The fastest pattern there is. It is great for beginning knitters because there was no complicated patterns to follow and a beginner can complete project very easily.

-- Karen (, February 23, 2002.

I made a scarf to keep DH nice and warm when he's out clearing the driveway. The Farm

-- Brenda (, March 04, 2002.

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