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Don't forget ladies...the deadline is today. Could you please please please e-mail me if you are still interested because I would hate to leave anyone out. I am having company this evening and so I would really like to post the results by this evening. (Company is coming in either very late tonight or early tomorrow morning from Far Far away) Why don't we say HAVE THE E-MAIL TO ME BY 5:00 THIS EVENING IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US IN THE SWAP. The details of the swap are in the post that starts Updated Update... If you have any questions let me know. I will be checking back on here about every few hours so that I can answer them. That is, in between scouring the house down for company! :~)! So far we have : Amelia D, Terri B, Vicki M, Rose Marie, Sherry A, Christine Y, Billie, and her sister, Joanie, Sherry W, Jacki, Stacey C, Sheila B, Lynelle, Teresa, Sheryl A, and Kristean, and of course Me, Nan. That makes 18 so far. If you want to start cutting you could start with 70 and then whatever multiple of the participants we end up with is what we can add later....for example if no one else wanted to do it then we would do 72 squares...but I want to leave it open until 5 tonight just in case someone only gets to check on here during the weekend. So......Check back here for the exact count this evening! It would sure save me a lot of e-mail writing! SHEW! :~) I will let you know the exact number of squares and how many of them need to be signed. Take care all! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS SO MUCH FUN! YOU ALL HAVE BEEN GREAT ABOUT GETTING BACK TO ME! TALK TO YOU ALL IN A BIT THROUGH THIS POST.....OKIE DOKIE? HAVE A BLESSED DAY ALL!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 23, 2002


Not that it matters...but 5 is central time. I can wait for you CA girls until 7. heehee! :~)!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 23, 2002.

This is the first time I have done a swap. You said 60 to 70, 6 inch sqr. It that of the same fabric or two fabrics or dose it matter? I want to get some fabirc at the quilting store today so I need to know how much to get. Thank you.

-- Teresa (c3ranch@socket.net), February 23, 2002.

Doesn't matter really. There will be so many of us doing it that you could do one kind or 2 or all different. I will sort them out to each person and so everyone will get a set of each type. If anyone doesn't know...try to get 100% cotton, if you have poly-cotton that is ok if that is what you have already. If you have a bunch of small scraps and want to send blocks out of those...that is fine too. They don't have to be out of just one or two kinds. That is open for you to decide. Especially for those that want to clean out their fabric scraps! Boy do I understand how that is! heehee! I had one more girl ask to join us, great! :~) That makes it 19 now! If I get 20 then it will be back at the 60 squares again with 3 to each from each person.....We will just play it by ear. It will be somewhere from 60 to 80 squares depending on the number of people participating!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 23, 2002.

Well, looks like this is the way it is going to go......There will be 20 of us to make the squares! That will mean 60 total squares, 40 without signatures and 20 with your first and last name and the state that you are from. You can sign those with fabric paints, sharp permanent marker, or whatever will wear well and not wash out. Don't forget to read the directions in the updated update posts if you have any questions about how to do it. So......e-mail me if you have any other questions.....Okie dokie! GREAT! It's a go then! I am soooo looking forward to this. Take care everyone. Oh...please try to get them here to me by March 7th. I will be mailing them off back to you on March 11th. Don't forget the SASE. Don't forget to wash and dry before cutting.....hmmmmmm ...6" blocks.....guess that is it. Oh...the ones that joined the group above are...Joanie K. and Ola L. Talk to you later! Have a great weekend and a Blessed Week! ....I need to say this: You all are some of the sweetest bunch of women that I have ever had the pleasure of "meeting". It is nice to have more friends! What a blessing!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 23, 2002.

Oh...forgot to add....make sure that when you sign your squares that you are leaving at least a half inch around the edge. That way you will have plenty of extra room to piece them and it won't be squished right up against the seam. Night all! Blessings to you!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 23, 2002.

QUESTION?? Do I sign a square before I mail mine to you Nan?

-- Kristean Thompson (pigalena_babe@yahoo.com), February 23, 2002.

We have a correction in the swap......one woman contacted me and said that she had e-mailed me. Well, some of you contacted Sher instead of me. It appeared that I was returning your e-mails, but actually what I was doing is just contacting some of you from a list that Sher gave me. I didn't know what you had written to Sher. So I didn't know that you were interested or just asking her a question. So.......Why don't each of us cut out 9 extra squares and then we can give those to the people that contacted Sher instead of me. THat way it will work out better, don't you think and no one will be left out. Sooooo......Let's sign our names and states onto 23 squares and then cut out 46 plain ones. That is 69 squares that you will cut out all together. 23 of them will be the ones that you sign and 46 will be the ones that you just leave plain. I sure hope that this makes it clear. If there are a few extra squares after we do the swap I will either do several extra and swap those with you or find someone else to join us. I will make it work somehow. It is easier to make it work with tooo many than tooooo few. Right? So CORRECTION...69 TOTAL SQUARES! 46 PLAIN AND 23 WITH NAME AND STATE(YOUR OWN NAME AND STATE) Did that answer your question Kristean? If it didn't, please let me know.

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 23, 2002.

WOW!!! Great turnout! This is going to be fun. Now to figure out when I'm going to get this put together along with all my other projects. I can't let everyone else get their's done and me still looking at little squares. Mine probably won't get to you till the end of the week or the first part of the following week because I leave in the morning for Lexington and won't get back till tues. evening.

-- Terri in WV (mrs_swift_26547@yahoo.com), February 23, 2002.

THE SWAP IS NOW CLOSED....MAY THE CUTTING BEGIN. If for some reason you contacted Sher and then you got a reply from me...it was from me replying off of a list of e-mail addresses that Sher sent to me. They were addresses only and not e-mails. I had no idea that you were interested unless you contacted me directly. That was why I wrote to each girl that contacted Sher and asked that they contact me by e-mail. Most of them did that......a few wanted to wait and do another swap later.....and I haven't heard from a few of you. So please don't think that I have heard from you unless you have written to me directly. If your name is on the list above or on this post added in, then you are in. If you don't see your name on here then I didn't know that you wanted to do it. The only other addition is for Sheila S. We will do a few extra squares so that if one more person contacts me from the list that was sent to me by Sher, there will still be enough to give to you. Let me know by e-mail at the address below. That is for people that contacted Sher and thought that they were in on it. Sorry if that caused any of you to miss out. We will do this again if you missed it this time. So.........read the directions on the post that is the Updated, updates for the quilt swap. Then mail the squares to me and I will try to get ya'll all "squared" away! heehee! Take care and again....if you have any questions....let me know. I REPEAT...THAT IS 46 SQUARES PLAIN AND 23 SQUARES SIGNED BY YOU WITH YOUR STATE NAME TOO, FOR A TOTAL OF 69 SQUARES. I am sorry to be redundant, but I want to make it really really clear so that everyone will understand what to do. Ignore the repeats if you got it the first time OKIE DOKIE?! Signing off for the evening, We have company.......

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 23, 2002.

Hi everyone, This is Sher..the one who apparently messes stuff up. I email all of your addys only..I am in such a habit of not giving out stuff to people, I thought the addys were all that was needed. Sooooo, look out Nan..I just sent everything that anyone has sent me. I just do not want to be responsible for anyone being left out. If someone is left out...it will be my fault and not Nans.

Hope this finally gets straightened out. And I PROMISE not to try and do something like this again!! Okay? I apologize to you all, especially Nan, if I have messed up here.

Have a great weekend and I hope you all enjoy your pieces when you get them! Sher

-- Sher in se Iowa (riverdobbers@webtv.net), February 24, 2002.

Oh...heavens to betsy! YOu are doing great Sher! I appreciate the e- mails, but you are not to blame if someone was told to e-mail me directly and show their intentions and then they didn't. And some that said that they wanted to, changed their minds...so you couldn't have known all of that! I probably didn't explain it tooo well! So.....everything is going to work out just fine! If someone happens to be short some squares...my daughter can join us and there is at least one wonderful woman doing some extras to fill in where needed! Bless her heart! Sher, you are a sweetheart for even writing that and caring so much. And of course we will do this again....HEY...we are just now gettin good!!!!:~):~)! Now as Grandpa used to say.....This is no step for a stepper....or as the little engine that could said....I think I can...I thought I could......:~)! Goodnight all! Take care and happy cutting!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 25, 2002.

A woman from Canada is joining us and filling in a spot where we needed someone! See there...it will all work out! Always does some how!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 25, 2002.

Way Way cool Nan. mine an ola's will be in mail 2-27-02...we are gonna hand quilt ours....we will work on hers first, them mine..she has a huge old quilting frame under her carport. I dont think she has ever quilted one on the machine..Im gonna ask her how many she has made..I know she had made many many..I lub her to bits..she is so excited about this also.says she has never done anything like this before...I wont to do one made from mens neck ties. This would be a fun one.Sorta like the Dresdon Plate pattern.use the points of the ties,you can make them as big or small as you like,for round center, take apart a tie and cut your circle.Make your plate from your tipsand as little or as long of the plate you want,can blind stich them by hand on the back side, or zigzag stick on sewing machine then all you have to do is cut a squar 4" larger than your tie dresdon plate piece. each of us will have their (your) own size. its up to you..could be a 9" or a 12" or even a 6" or what ever size you have made your plate.. Then you hand stich or by machine,then center of the d/plate of your 4" bigger squar and sew it down. then just sew the large squares together.this would be fun also. just have to ask for some tie's from ya hubby,daddy,brother,son,uncle,who ever has tie's..How does this sound??? "no cutting blocks"..Anyway cant wate to get my squares..Canada even...wow..Im havin fun already..Ya'll?? Have A Goodun Ya'll.........Kay

-- Amelia kay Drennan (bluegrassgirl@charter.net), February 27, 2002.

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