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Weatherman is saying its going to be winter again next week with plunging temps. Get preped.

-- mitch hearn (, February 22, 2002


Most of you probably already know this site, but I will share with those that don't.

-- Laura (, February 22, 2002.

NO way!!! I just don't want to hear that news.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, February 22, 2002.

Imagine that winter weather in the winter, a novelty, I'd say. And people have been out tilling and farming.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (, February 22, 2002.

Beautiful here today. Tomorrow expected to hit 82 and No WIND ( a big deal here). Thursday we had blowing dust and 50 mph wind. A little cooler next week, but we will have a glorius weekend.

-- connie in nm (, February 22, 2002.

Sure, Connie, taunt us now. However, come July, when you're roasting in your shoes, and up here in Alberta we're enjoying that glorious 85 degrees, we'll talk again!

-- Tracy (, February 22, 2002.

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