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This is going to be FUN! There seems to be a LOT of people interested in doing this quilt square swap! This is what I need you to do. If you are interested in it and you haven't emailed me with your name and where you are from....please do so today or tomorrow at the latest so that we can get the final count. I would just take the names from the posts down below and count ya'll in, but then if someone has changed their mind or doesn't think that they can do the 6 fabric squares for each participant.....then it would be a mess to co-ordinate. So...even if you have told us your intentions on the posts...please e-mail me again so that I can be For sure For sure:~)! THANKS!

This is how it goes: 1. I will let you know how many squares you need to cut.

2. I will let you know how many need to be signed and how many need to be plain.

3. Wash your material and press it well, preferably without starch.

4. Remember that cotton material works best on a quilt...but if you have poly cotton we won't ban you are anything...heehee.

5. Cut out your 6 inch squares.

6. Place them in a ziplock baggie and write you name and state on the baggie.

7. Address and stamp an envelope for yourself....SASE You might want to put a little extra postage on that one in case someone's cotton is heavier than yours.

8. Place your ziplock baggie and your SASE in another envelope and mail it to me.....I will send you my address when you e-mail me.

9. I will then sort them all out and return your friend's squares to you in the ziplock baggie with your name and state on it placed into your SASE.

10. If you want to place your squares in sequences of 6 so that everyone gets a certain assortment that is fine with me. Don't put staples or paper clips on them or it will be a mess. I know you probably already knew that but I used to teach first grade and can't help myself being toooooo over-explanatory! heehee!

11. Get your pieces and jump in the air shouting YIPPY! then sew them all together and meet back here with the results.

A couple of rules:

Please get them to me by the 7th of March if you can. I will give you a few extra days for them to get here and then on the 11th I will do the swap and send them back.

Any questions just ask me here or e-mail me direct. I will send my address to the 3 people that have already contacted me and then to each one that e-mails me with a commitment to do this. We all need to be committed...heeheeheehee! Play on words there...heeheehee!

Take care all and hope that we get a big turn out. If lots of people want to do this then we will probably be cutting fewer squares per person, but I would like to try to keep the total to around 60 or 70 at least so that we can have a decent sized quilt. I figured that the size would be roughly be 38 1/2" by 55" if we do 70. Then we could put a border around it and make it bigger. So.......this is going to work and I am Soooooo excited about meeting all of ya'll. Thanks for joining us! Have a great day today!

-- Nan (davidl41@ipa.net), February 22, 2002


Count me in.... Ill email you the address now...Kristean

-- Kristean Thompson (pigalena_babe@yahoo.com), February 22, 2002.

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