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Can someone tell me the best way to clean a little giant styrofoam incubator. Also, if I have 15 eggs in it, do I need to add water before they begin hatching? thanks

-- Lesa in Va (, February 22, 2002


For the little giant incubator...when you first put eggs in,fill the water holder in the middle,and make sure it doesn't go dry.Three days before your hatch,fill the other water well(it surrounds the first like a moat)and do not turn eggs.They need the extra humidity right before they hatch.If you notice a chick is stuck to his shell,you can mist the eggs with very warm water.

As far as cleaning goes,I use a mild bleach and water solution.Let sit until all the 'yuck'is soft.then wipe out with a sponge. Hope this helps!

-- Johna (, February 22, 2002.

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