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Quite some time ago I inquired about areas in So NV for small homesteading. Someone recently suggested Sandy Valley which is on the NV/CA border about 50 miles from Las Vegas. Can anyone give me more info? I tried a web search & only came up with info about a bunch of high priced 40 acre lots that come with airplane hangers & a cummunity run way! Some other info about alfalfa farms made me wonder if with irrigation we might be able to have a meager "pasture" of sorts. The reason we are interested in this area is 1)warm weather 2)relatively affordable prices 3)hubby can make excellent wages in Las Vegas. He had an offer of $25/hr about 2 yrs ago, but we don't want to live right in sin city and didn't know much about the area! We have since visited several times and drove all around the outskirts. We are currently considering Pahrump, but would like to weigh all our options.

-- ellie (, February 21, 2002


Don't know much about the area. Have you tried?

-- al (, February 21, 2002.

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