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Hey I read the thread waaaaay down on the school bus to chicken coop idea and the floor rot, rust problem. I have seen a product that you brush on to pick up truck beds to make a "bed liner" called something like "rino liner" and it drys to a thick, rough rubbery coating that is supposed to be water proof, solvent proof and provide slip-proof footing. I think that this would work on the bus floor and provide some "bounce" to avoid bumble foot in large breeds plus some traction to avoid spraddle leg. Haven't used it but it might be worth checking out. sm

-- Shari Moore (, February 21, 2002


My hubby swears by Rhino liner for truck beds. It is quite tough & non-slip, but I think they professionally "install" it. You might be able to buy something simular that you can paint on yourself?

-- ellie (, February 21, 2002.

Sounds like a good idea. Only thing i would be concerned with is if the chickens would ingest this stuff while scratching & picking in their litter. just a thought....

-- Buk (, February 21, 2002.

Doubt it. This stuff is tuff as tuff can be...and thick. Probably half an inch on the sample at the auto parts store. You spray it on, it kind of looks like that foam insulation except it is black and dries really rubbery and has a texture like sand is in it.

-- Shari Moore (, February 22, 2002.

I did post the question on a school bus as a chicken coop on a previous post and got very good comments. As for the floor rooting out I hope it will last at least five and it would have served its purpose. Then I was thinking of cutting the top off it right behind the drivers seat and framing it all around with 2 x 8 right above the wheel wells,jack it up 2 feet and put 2 x 8 post's down to the ground and pull the frame out from under it and have a nice coop. Put wire around it with new nesting boxes and perches. Probably can use the frame for something if I think a little as a trailer if it is cut down a little and a little welding. HOW IS THAT FOR AMERICAN INGENUITY.MARY

-- Mary (, February 22, 2002.

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