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ok so most people think forrest gump is a cute amusing movie about a slow witted guy who despite his lack of intelect lives a happy succesful life.


he sure did now didnt he? there is a cleverly hidden messege in that movie. a subversive messege designed specificaly to be outwardly unnoticable and inwardly soul crushing. what is this messege?

do what youre told. dont ask questions. dont think for yourself. follow these rules and you will be happy.

its disgusting.

forrst gump was stupid. just like we should be. watch the movie again. forest had pretty much no personality. but all the other characters did. they were unique individuals with thoughts of thier own and did not do what they were told...and what happened to them?

forrsts mom - she was told forrest couldnt go to school. she thought he should be allowed. what happened? she was forced to prostitute herself so that forrest could go to school.

bubba - wanted to own a shrimping boat. well he was too stupid, and he was black. he shouldnt be able to own a shrimping boat. what happened to him? dead

gary sinese charater srgt. whatshisname - ok its been a while since i saw the movei so i cant remember what he did that was different. but there was something. and what happened to him? legs blown off in the a crapy life after.

forrests girlfriend- well thats easy. she was a drug taking hippie. what happened to her? dead.

forst goes through life always doing what hes told, never questionaning a thing. never having any thoughts on anything. what happens to him? well hes a successfull millionare with a nice house. he met a bunch of presidents was on t.v. had everything just fall into his lap and ends the movie perfectly content and happy driving around on his lawnmower working a job he really likes because he doesnt need to worry about money or anything at all.

this crap seeps into your brain...just like that fake popcorn smell they pump into the theater so you buy a 6 dollar 6 ounce bag of crapy popcorn.

and if you dont think this was the intended messege......then have another chocolate.

-- yomama (, February 21, 2002


Ouroboros! How'd you find this place? Whatever, great to have new blood here... Mat (our admin) is AWOL, and Chung's caught up in work, so you might not find too many people to argue with. But welcome to the board, man!

-- Inukko (, February 24, 2002.

In spite of it all, it also has another happier message...any jackass with ears can get himself a girl.

-- Barbara e. (, February 24, 2002.

Oh, I'm still lurking... just haven't felt the energy to post too often.

As for Forrest Gump, it is interesting what secret messages one can get out of seemingly conventional movies like this one. It makes me wonder if someone actually planned things out that way...

-- Mat Rebholz (, February 25, 2002.

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