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I stumbled upon this trick at the Oddesy of Hyrule site....It allows you to get past Mido and enter the Deku tree without a sword OR shield, AND Allows you to get into hyrule field, and talk to Zelda WITHOUT ANY SPIRITUAL STONES!!

First, walk up to the guy blocking your way out of Kokiri forest. then, (SLOWLY!) pull up on the LEFT side of the cartrage. Link will flicker, and disapear, but you can still control his movements! go throught the guy, and put the game back into the N64...and find yourself standing at the entrance to Hyrule field!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, February 21, 2002

Answers even better trick is the infinite bottle trick...or the 100 gold skulltulas trick...or blowing up the rocks that tell time...

-- Zero_6ix (, February 22, 2002.

Heh, I Love those rocks...hit 'em with a hammer...or shoot em with bow and arrow..or, just lob a bombchu at em. 3-2-1-BLASTOFF!!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, February 23, 2002.

CHEAP way of beating game but its ill dude, but it doesnt help CAUSE YOU NEED THE STINKIN GEM TO TALK TO THE WITCH ZELDA, DONT BE LYIN TO HER

-- anthony szabo (, March 20, 2002.

you guys suck monkey balls

-- David ishkanov (, June 04, 2004.

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