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Does anyone own a husqvarna tiller? From the posts on this site it sounds like Troy-Bilt is the preferred choice and I am leaning towards purchasing one. What concerns me is that they were bought by MTD. Talking with current Troy-Bilt service centers they are having problems getting parts. From what I understand Troy-Bilt is going to turn their service over to MTD service centers. I have dealers in the area that sell and service husqvarna. To me service is also a reason to buy a product. Any thoughts?

-- Jay (, February 21, 2002


To throw a hitch in the giddyup...I really love my Snapper Tiller. It is 5 horse and does my half acre of garden(about 200' by 100' roughly!) easily! Really easily for me, because my boys usually do it for me...LOL!

-- Nan (, February 21, 2002.

Jay, We have had a Husqvarna tiller for 4 years. We are happy with the way it runs, starts etc. The only thing we are unhappy about is that it has counter-rotating tines. If Husqvarna makes a regular one we wouldn't hesitate to get it. We also have a Troy-bilt and a Mantis. Hope this helps.

-- Rita in TN (, February 21, 2002.

Rita, can you explain what you don't like about the counter rotation?


-- Jay (, February 21, 2002.

Jay,The counter rotating tines do a great job of breaking up sod for a new garden, but after that it becomes a tug of war between the tines holding the tiller back and the drive wheels trying to move it forward.I find myself constantly pushing and adjusting!!If the ground is very dry it helps.I have operated big tillers and small ones but have never had to work as hard as with the counter rotating tines type of tiller. Hope this helps. John

-- John (, February 21, 2002.

Thanks, for all the information. I didnít know that making a decision was going to be so tough. Sounds like I should forget about a husqvarna and look into snapper. It does scare me a little on the upcoming warranty and support of Troy-Bilt.

-- Jay (, February 21, 2002.

Hasn't anyone heard of a Honda. After looking at everything I picked the Honda.

-- Mel Kelly (, February 21, 2002.

My tiller has counter-rotating tines, and it is just what our heavy clay soil needs. I once tried a front tine tiller on it, and it ran away with me because the forward rotation pulled it - AND me forward at a dead run! Why don't you ask someone locally what they use? Your soil type may determine what tiller you use, though I haven't had trouble with my tiller on clay OR sandy soil. If the soil is soft, I just set it to make a shallow till. Perhaps my tiller isn't as heavy as the person who was having problems??????????

-- Terri (, February 21, 2002.

With all the rocks in my soil I think I will have to use explosives to get rid of the rocks maybe that would also work up the soil. Another thing you might consider is to rent a tiller for a day and rent the different types you are thinking of buying and then you could see for sure how the different ones work on your soil.

-- gail missouri ozarks (, February 22, 2002.

I've had several types of tillers but my old troy built is probably the only thing I ever bought that gave me my money's worth and then some

-- Kenneth Brothers (, February 22, 2002.

I have a 1966 Troy Built and it still runs like a champ.

-- Justin-OK (, February 22, 2002.

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