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Anyone who had their car broken into on Friday Feb. 2, should definitely contact the Gaithersburg Police. I didn't think anything was taken out of my car even though the glove compartment was open when I went into it on Saturday Feb. 3, but when I spoke with the police, the officer asked me if I had my garage door opener and sure enough it was gone. Apparently the thieves stole the openers then went into the garages looking for stuff to steal.

I went to the station to get it back today (Feb. 20), and there was SO MUCH stuff in the evidence boxes that they recovered from the crooks that no one had claimed yet. I saw CD players, drill bit sets, sunglasses, crow bars, radar detectors, full sets of KEYS, half a dozen garage door openers, bottles of wine, and lots of other stuff.

You should contact SGT. Whalen at (301) 258-6400 with questions.

-- Kim Skimmons (, February 20, 2002

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