What method, etc. to use after finishing Music Tree?

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I'm just starting to teach and plan to use the Music Tree method. Since this is only an elementary-level method, what do you suggest moving onward to after completing book 2b? I know Clark has some books beyond Music Tree, but I understand they are mainly repertoire-type books. What do you use next?

-- Laurie (lbrichards@att.net), February 20, 2002


Normally, a student would begin work on the standard literature after completing music tree 2B and start/continue work on an established syllabus program like Guild, ABRSM, or one of the state programs (Texas Whitlock tests, Michigan SATD, etc...)

-- Jason (jsifford@pianoped.com), February 21, 2002.

Could you elaborate those? I'm not familiar with them, and will be working mainly with late beginners. Thanks!

-- Laurie (lbrichards@att.net), February 21, 2002.


I have been using MT successfully for a number of years now and currently most of my MT students have graduated and moved on to standard early intermediate repertoire. You may not be aware, but MT does now progress to a book 3 and it looks very nice: an nice segway (sp) between elem. method and early intermediate stuff. However, when my students finish 2b, I usually have them move into Faber's Discovering Artist series bk 1 or Celebration Series Lv 1 (Repertoire & Studies bks). I also pull in Snell's Fundamentals of Theory prep book and one of the early lv. Technic Is Fun books if I'm using the Faber DA book. I'll use a variety of supplemental collections too to help bridge the gap (Meir's Jazz Rags and Blues bk 1, Gillock's Accent on Solos-w the green cover, and some George Kaleidiscope solos bk 3 among others). I'm looking forward tho to using the MT bk 3. I've got a girl in unit 7 of book 2b with several others right behind her.

BTW, I've found the newer Side By Side duet books in the Clark library, along with D. Alexander's Fingerpainting books to corrolate nicely with the MT books 2a & 2b.

Hope this helps.


-- Gretchen Taylor (gtpiano@yahoo.com), March 04, 2002.

ABRSM = Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

They have a very well organized syllabus that goes from elementary to advanced in the areas of performance and theory.

The National Guild of Piano Teachers also has a syllabus in place that takes students through various levels of achievement in technique, reading, repertoire, etc...

A quick internet search should bring up info on both.

-- Jason (jsifford@pianoped.com), March 05, 2002.

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