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To the ACL/SCL HS folks: the GS&F HS needs your assistance to the following question.

Can anyone shed some light on the Plant System? DUring my research endeavors on the GS&F Rwy I have occasionally run across references on the Plant System. What was the Plant System and how did they play a role if any to the GS&F Rwy? Some history on it would be appreciated. Thanks.

-- Mark S. Mosely (, February 20, 2002


Mark, The Prince ACL book has a great history about the Plant System. Also you can do a search on the web and you'll find that there is a H.B. Plant HS which has a website and the HS is located in Tampa at the University of Tampa (Old Tampa Hotel) which Mr. Plant built. They also might have interchanged with them.


-- Bill Middlemas (, February 20, 2002.

The "Plant System"(Savannah, Florida & Western and subsidiaries) became the ACL south of Charleston, SC, except for lines built after the Plant/ACL merger, principally in Florida, and the AB&C and predecessors. The System was controlled by Henry B. Plant, a steamship tycoon, and the other developer of Florida railroads beside Henry Flagler. The Plant System would probably have been competitors to the GS&F for Georgia-Florida traffic.

-- Tom Underwood (, February 20, 2002.

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