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Condit's Sick, Twisted Sex Habits Come to Light

The Scotsman February 19, 2002


JUST when the disgraced US congressman Gary Condit was confidently predicting he had been forgiven by the electorate for misleading them over his affair with the missing intern Chandra Levy, fresh gossip has emerged about his alleged bizarre sex life.

Proving once again that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, the very married Mr. Condit's former mistress, Anne Marie Smith, has finally shed some light on what can only be described as his rather odd fetishes and fantasies.

Ms Smith, an air stewardess, who refused to lie about their fling despite pressure from Mr. Condit's legal team, claims the Californian representative is heavily into S&M-inspired orgies. "He had a fantasy that most normal heterosexual men don't have," she said, hastily adding that she turned him down flat. "What Condit wanted was to have sex with me while he'd be in a full leather get-up ... chest harness and various buckles and bows. And he wanted an audience - all male."

In the months since Ms Levy disappeared without trace from her Washington, DC, flat, rumors have swirled about Mr. Condit's sex life. He did not help the matter by initially refusing to help her parents or the police and soon White House whispers about his kinky affairs became a positive roar.

Rumor-mongers speculated that 24-year-old Ms Levy had been spirited away by a motorcycle gang or sold as a sex slave to shady Middle Easterners on Mr. Condit's orders. He had, the gossips claimed, a rather interesting sex life.

America's tabloid magazines had a field day. Mr. Condit, a father of two, they crowed, shaved his entire body hair and the sex experts weighed in with theories that he was probably into S&M and leather. Now Ms Smith has confirmed some of the stranger aspects of their affair and set the cat back among the pigeons.

Tales of Ms Levy's disappearance dominated the news throughout the summer. Then came 11 September and a rather weak joke: "Who's the luckiest man in America? Answer: Gary Condit" went into circulation.

As the world worried about far greater things Mr. Condit, 53, quietly put himself back up for re-election, was appointed to various home security committees and even paid a quiet visit to ground zero.

Now Ms Smith has crashed him straight back into the headlines - reminded Americans that Chandra is still missing.

-- (Sheryl@Santa Monica.Bvd), February 20, 2002


Uptight Repug scum, try it!

-- (Henry WAXman@depilatorium.vomitorium), February 20, 2002.

Rep Condit is a key member of the House Intelligence Committee and our nation needs his leadership at this critical time.

-- (Sonny Barger@leather n.chains), February 20, 2002.

This really worries me at this time of our 200 year old freedoms being removed. Repugs must be worried about the Enron scandal causing too much interest so they drag out the sex to get the attention of the country. Sorry fools-ain't gonna work, we want facts on actual actions by government members, and don't give a shit what they do in the privacy of their begrooms or elsewhere. It was the mass media attention to Clinton's cock that drove the information n Ben Laden and the Taliban off of the front pages of the national papers. we aren't fallig fr that again...give it up, it isn't going to fly any more...go rent a porno movie if you want to see people and sex--as you should, not on the front pages so our 7 year old children have to hear about it.

-- Cherri (, February 21, 2002.

I think Cherri has just been impersonated.

-- Peter Errington (, February 21, 2002.

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