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A source of mine on another RR list has indicated that Seaboard's original Hialeah yard is today underneath Miami International Airport. He says the yard ran east-west south of 36th street. The crossing at LeJeune Rd and NW 29th street indicates where the yard was located. I also found a history of MIA that indicated Seaboard "tracks" were removed in 1948-1949 to allow expansion of the airport. Can someone give me details about this old yard? I am also looking for info about SAL Miami freight house and yard that was located at the present location of the SR 836 and I-95 interchange in Miami. Thanks!

-- Richard Stallworth (, February 20, 2002


Tom: Thanks for the info. I seem to have a problem of dates. I felt I had narrowed the the date down to the very late 1940s based on my info. regarding MIA. But it doesn't make much sense to close a yard in say 1949 and then wait until 1953 to build a new one.

-- Richard Stallworth (, April 11, 2002.

I work for Miami-Dade County, which is currently digitizing the old plat book and pages for Miami....the date in which land was obtained for the "new" yard in Hialeah was May, 1953

-- Tom Waltz (, April 11, 2002.

Your friend is very correct.Today when we mention Hialeigh all that comes to mind is what is there now.The original yard has been gone for over fifty years.It is hard for me, when reading early SAL history that the yard and shops that stand today were not there then.I am not versed in Miami history and never traveled there back in those days so I only know what I have been told. In the early fifties the Seaboard Air Line built new yards and shops in several locations.Hialeigh,new shops and yards,Savannah,new shops and yards,Hamlet,new shops and yards,Tampa,new yard and upgraded shop as an example.

-- J.Oates (, February 20, 2002.

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