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Dough Enhancer many times contains the following ingredients:

Lecithin helps bread stay fresher, longer, and works synergistically with gluten to give more lightness and rise in bread machine bread or handmade bread.

Diastatic Malt makes a softer, more tender texture, and helps give the loaf better structure by providing a constant food source for the yeast. (This is hard to find).

Ascorbic acid provides an acidic enviroment which yeast works best in.

Dried Whey is the "essence" of buttermilk without the milk solids. It helps the yeast work quickly and vigorously, giving maximum rise in the time frame the bread machine uses. It also softens the texture of the bread.

Pectin adds moistness.

Ginger is a yeast booster also; it gives it a "quick-start", and keeps it working.

Cornstarch keeps the mixture from clumping too much.

-- Marie (, February 19, 2002

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