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carmel To make your own: Gently heat sweetened condensed milk in a double boiler for 1 1/2 hours, then beat until creamy.

clover honey Substitutes: alpha honey or acacia honey

dark corn syrup = dark Karo syrup Substtutes: 3 parts light corn syrup + 1 part molasses or 1 C = 1 1/4 C dark brown sugar + 3 or 4 tablespoons water

Falernum Substitutes: simple syrup (less expensive)

grenadine = pomegranate syrup Substitutes: unsweetened pomegranate juice or rasperry syrup or cocktail cherry juice

high frutose corn syrup Substitutes: corn syrup (not as sweet)

honey (1 pound = 1 1/3 C) Substitutes: 5 parts sugar + 1 part water or light corn syrup or dark corn syrup or maple syrup or brown rie syrup

light corn syrup = light Karo syrup (1 C = 8 ounces) Substitutes: boil together 4 or 5 parts sugar + 1 part water until it forms a syrup or honey

malt syrup Substitutes: brown sugar

maple syrup Substitutes: othr fruit syrups (on pancakes) or brown rice syrup or brown sugar (on hot cereals) or light molasses (on pancake or hot cereals) or honey thinned with pple juice

molasses (1C = 8 ounces) Varieties: blackstrap molasses (very strong, bitter flavor), dark molasses (lighter and sweeter than blackstrap) and light molasses (lighter and sweeter still). Unsulfured molasses is lighter and sweter than sulfured molasses. Substitutes: dark corn syrup or maple syrup or hney or barley malt syrup (weaker flavor; use 1/3 less)

palm syrup Substitutes: melt palm sugar, then strain

raspberry syrup Substitutes: grenadine

rock candy syrup Substitutes: simple syrup

simple syrup = sugar syrup To make your own: Boil one part water and two parts sugar

Swedish light syrup = ljus sirap Substitutes: golden syrup

-- Marie (, February 19, 2002

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