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My daughter is getting married in Sept.I have been trying to think of a couple of hymns to sing but I cant.We sung Sweet SweetSpirit and Standing on the Promises at my sons wedding in August.Can anyone think of some thing different?

-- willa (goodall6@hotmail.com), February 19, 2002


"It is no secret what God can do."

-- mitch hearn (moopups@citlink.net), February 19, 2002.

I am drawing a blank for the title of the song sang at our wedding, but the first verse starts out "A man will leave his mother, and a daughter leave her home". It might just be "The Wedding Song", but for some reason that doesn't ring true. I can tell you it was a beautiful song.

The other "song" that we had was simply the Lord's Prayer, sang by the minister, acapella. It, too, was beautiful (the best suggestion my mother-in-law offered, I think!).

-- Christine in OK (cljford@mmcable.com), February 19, 2002.

A quick search using "popular wedding hymns" poped up the following from http://www.2-in-2-1.com/tips/wedhymns.html

All things bright and beautiful Amazing grace At the name of Jesus Colours of the day (Light up the fire) Dear Lord and Father of mankind For the beauty of the earth Give me joy in my heart (Sing hosanna) Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer Immortal Invisible Jerusalem Lead us Heavenly Father Lord for the years Lord of all hopefulness Lord of the dance Lord the light of your love is shining (Shine, Jesus, shine) Love Divine all love excelling Make me a channel of your peace Morning has broken My song is love unknown Now thank we all our God O Jesus I have promised O Lord my God (How great thou art) O Perfect Love all human thought transcending O Worship the King Praise, my soul Praise to the Lord, the Almighty Tell out my soul the greatness of the Lord The King of love my Shepherd is The Lord's my Shepherd

-- Gary in Ohio (gws@columbus.rr.com), February 20, 2002.

It isn't a hymn, but Paul Stookey's The Wedding Song(There is Love) is about the best one around. The words are beautiful, Gary sang it at his brother's wedding. It's one fine song.

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (atilrthehony@hotmail.com), February 20, 2002.

Just a clarification or two, if I may....

The music director at our church explained that the term "hymn" really refers to the way the melody is written, not to whether it is religious or not. For example, hymns are usually AABA (A lines are the same melody, and B is a different melody), or ABAB, or along those lines. Just because something is old doesn't necessarily make it a hymn, either.

Are you looking for music with traditional imagery or contemporary? Your own church musicians can often help with music selection.

-- GT (nospam@nospam.com), February 20, 2002.

My daughter was married last June. We used a lovely song based on the passage in Ruth. The title was Whither thou goest. At our wedding 30 yrs ago they sang Be with me Lord but changed the me to we. Also I've heard In Heavenly Love Abiding at weddings. I cant think of the others I'll have to think and come back. Blessings Peggy

-- peggy (peggyan2@msn.com), February 21, 2002.

I meant change the me to us. Blessings Peggy

-- peggy (peggyan2@msn.com), February 22, 2002.

Please do check this link out ... http://rockhay.tripod.com/wedding/music.htm it has a lot of songs in there ... from which u can choose from.

Eg:- 28 - Breathe Upon Us Holy Spirit 37 - Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 48 - All Creatures of Our God and King 71 - Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee 86 - Now thank We All Our God (especially appropriate for a recessional hymn.) 143 - Amazing Grace 307 - Will you let me be your servant 318 - Joy to the World 327 - Great is Thy Faithfulness 355 - Savior, Like A shepherd Lead Us 357 - O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee 362 - Help us to help each other 366 - God of Grace and God of Glory 389 - Take My Life 418 - Move in Our Midst 421 - Blest Be The Tie That Binds 423 - May the grace of Christ our Savior 486 - God of Our Life 490 - Lord of the home 542 - Holy Spirit, gracious Guest 544 - When We Walk With The Lord 592 - Love Divine, All Loves Excelling 604 - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (difficult to sing) 623 - When love is found (#623-26 - "wedding" section of hymnal) 624 - O Perfect Love 625 - Your love, O God, has called us 626 - Hear us now, O God our maker

-- Eunice (goodall6@hotmail.com), August 13, 2002.

I once sang a song called "Household of Faith" at a wedding and I loved the song. I am considering it for my own wedding next summer. A search for Household of Faith and Song Lyrics should help you find it online....very nice!!!

-- Tracey (tracey.arsenault@rogers.com), September 25, 2002.

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