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How well does Gore-Tex perform? I can't suck air through it so how effective can it be? Their web site shows water vapor being blown through it , but they don't tell you how much pressure is being used. In the real world , there is no pressure diferrential between the inside and outside of your clothing.I hear it's not so good in warmer weather.I am interested in hearing of my fellow rower's experience with Gore-Tex.

-- gunnar seigh (, February 19, 2002


I have a full rainsuit (bib overalls and jacket) that are a goretex imitation. I use them for sailboat racing in the rain. It's the best money I've ever spent (well, almost!) It really does help you to keep from getting that sweaty, clammy feeling. My experience is that it is fine in warmer weather, but in the winter, the suit itself contributes little or nothing to keeping you warm other than keeping you dry. Also, I've learned what should be obvious; you need to put it on BEFORE the rain comes. It can't deal with the level of water vapor provided by wet clothes.

-- Chuck Thompson (, July 11, 2002.

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