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Dear All,

How often, and where do Amtrak's Silver Service trains make crew changes? When these changes take place is it just T&E guys, or does it include conductors and ACs? Also, where are the crew bases located for these trains?

Also, on a slightly-related note, where is the current Miami, FL station located, and what became of SAL's old station there?

Thanks in advance,

Phil Bell

-- Phillip L. Bell (, February 19, 2002


There would be no reason for Amtrak to run the extra out of the way miles,just to serve Waycross."Silver Palm" changes in Jax.

-- J.Oates (, February 25, 2002.

to everyone who responded, thanks for the help.

Also, does anyone think that judging by current track conditions, and attitudes that a passenger train could return to Waycross, GA in the same way the Champion used to? And where do the Silver Palm and 'Meteor have crew change points?

Thanks again,

Phil Bell

-- Phillip L. Bell (, February 25, 2002.

Does anyone have photos of Seaboard's Miami freight house of the Miami passenger station? I have seen a photo of the passenger station in the book BY STREAMLINER NEW YORK TO FLORIDA by Welsh. Thanks!

-- Richard Stallworth (, February 20, 2002.

Phil, the current Amtrak station for Miami is actually in Hialeah located inside the yard loop track, on NW 37 Ave just north of NW 79th st. It opened around 1979, which allowed Amtrak to vacate the old SAL Miami station on NW 7th Ave. SAL's depot was not in a great area, and Amtrak was tiring of the long back-up moves to get the trains serviced and turned at the Hialeah yard. The SAL depot sat unused for a few years and was later demolished to make way for a women's prison now on the site. Only the station's portico entrance was spared, but that too may be gone by now...haven't been by the area in the last few years. The nearby SAL freight station, damaged by fire and vandals, was razed about three years ago. As a footnote, Miami's famous Baseball Stadium- seen in the background of many SAL-era Miami photos- suffered the same neglect as the depots and was razed last year. A real shame.

There's only three remaining SAL depots in Florida's largest county: Homestead (used by a sandblasting firm) and Opa-Locka, itself the subject of countless failed restoration attempts, currently an abandoned shell. The original Hialeah station, extensively restored, is a Tri-Rail stop and houses a now-closed farmers market.

-- Bob Venditti (, February 19, 2002.

The star changes at richmond,raleigh,southern pines,jax.

-- V.L.Lewis (, February 19, 2002.

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