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Is anyone interested in building some jumps/trails in a cool shady spot somewhere near to KL?

-- Richard Lee (, February 19, 2002


Hi Richard,

Some pretty serious trail building has been going on in Bukit Kiara for some time now. The latest addition is a superb counter-hugging extension to "Boulder", that links up to the bottom of "Twin Peaks", courtesy of Jake "the Rake" Slodki.

The friends of Kiara would warmly embrace anyone who wants to add to the collection of Kiara trails!

But these are out and out cross country trails: technical and twisty, fast in spots, but almost never death-defyingly radical. No 15-foot drop-offs or any double-jumps etc. What do you have in mind? A MX- style course?


-- Joe (, February 19, 2002.

Coming soon....A Bicycle SuperCross track. It is currently being design and built in the Klang Valley by SpokesWorld. 250m of tabletop, high berm corners, double jumps, etc. Wait for its opening!!!!

-- IceCube (, March 17, 2002.

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