Easy to make meals

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Ok an easy and cheap one we like here is spaghetti and cheese.I cook up thin spaghetti , drain ,add a can of crushed tomatoes and munster cheese.Sounds weird tatses great. Give it a try .Anyone else?

-- Patty (fodfarms@hotmail.com), February 18, 2002


One of my fastest meals, for us or company is taco"s. I buy the shells. Fry some hamburger and add some cumin, salt, a little salsa. grate some cheese, cheddar or monteray jack, chop a tomatoe, chop fine some lettuce, and have some salsa in bowl, I put all these on table in seperate bowls, pop shells in oven for one min. and put on table and let every one build there own tacos.I works here.

-- Irene texas (tkorsborn@cs.com), February 18, 2002.

Burritos are my favorite easy to make meal made from ground beef and leftover beans, or eggs and leftover potatoes, or chicken and green chiles, leftover roast with salsa, leftover chile and cheese, the possibilites are endless, and they are good!

-- Gina NM (inhock@pvtnetworks.net), February 18, 2002.

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