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I like to make my own dry rubs and would like to find a cheap source for bulk spices. Anyone have their favorite site or store? Thanks!

-- cowgirlone in OK (cowgirlone47@hotmail.com), February 18, 2002


Hi cowgirlone, I recently found herbalcom.com. They have an amazing selection of herbs and spices, great prices and very reasonable shipping. I have ordered twice and have been pleased with quality and service. Also, try San Francisco Herbs at sfherbs.com, I think that is the correct address. Hope this is helpful.

-- nancy (stoneground@catskill.net), February 18, 2002.

Frontier Herbs is a co-op, they have a site. Don't know what it is off-hand but I get bulk herbs for as little a $4 # depending on the herb, Theyir fiesta chili powder is wonderful, they also have shampoos, conditioners and teh like

-- Cindy (SE. IN) (atilrthehony@hotmail.com), February 18, 2002.

Costco stores have large jars of McCormick spices for about $3.95. Small jars cost that much in regular grocery stores.

-- Marie (prettyhollow@yahoo.com), February 18, 2002.

I own a dry rub seasoning buisness... most of my stuff I grow , the rest comes from GFS...Great prices...I mean really great..Kristean

-- Kristean Thompson (pigalena_babe@yahoo.com), February 18, 2002.

Kristen, tell us about your rub. What type of rub is it, how much is it, and where can we get it???

-- Karen (mountains_mama@hotmail.com), February 19, 2002.

Thanks everyone for the information!! This will help me out a LOT!! I can't stand paying the high prices they charge in the grocery store. Thanks again!!

-- cowgirlone in OK (cowgirlone47@hotmail.com), February 19, 2002.

In IL we have Whole Foods Market that has bulk herbs and spices (also flours, beans, rices etc) many of which are organically grown. I also buy my yeast for baking there as well. Much cheaper!

-- Jean (schiszik@tbcnet.com), February 19, 2002.

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