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Hi, all, we are considering relocating to SE Oklahoma sometime in the next year or two. Does anyone have any information about economy, land prices for a place up to 100 acres, availibility of jobs for a mechanic, or just information in general? We are planning a vacation there in May, going to Decoration at Cupco church. Thank you all.

-- Gina NM (, February 18, 2002


saw on todays news that Dollar Tree is building a humongous distribution center in marietta. thats on i-35 just north of the border of okla-texas. more southern okla than se ok. however, i am sure in this new warehouse distribution center they will need mechanical people. trucks, trailers, forklifts, building equipment, etc etc etc.

good luck, gene in okc

-- gene ward (, February 18, 2002.

Good Morning:We have a farm southeast of Stilwell (35 miles north of IH40)and the land prices are jumping up rapidly in our area. Paid 27,000 for 120 acres 7 yrs ago and now close to 100,000 now.

We are retired so dont have a feel for the job market. Will say if all else failes open your own shop and it should do well if Husband is a good mechanic and wants to work. Finding anyone that wants to work in the area is the PITS.

Hope this has helped a little bit. God Bless and have a Great week.

C & C (Charles & Celia)

C & C Boer Goats Santa Fe Tx and Stilwell OK

-- Charles Steen (, February 18, 2002.

I graduated from high school in McAlester, OK and still have family in that town. Although I now live in the OKC area, I still go down there fairly often.

The economy in that part of the state isn't exactly booming, I would say, but a good mechaninc could probably find work without too much trouble. I can't really speak to land prices, although I'm guessing they're pretty reasonable. As usual, it just depends on what you're looking for. SE Oklahoma is heavily forested, mostly oak, and has somewhat rolling terrain. The Ouachita Mountains and the Kiamichi Mountains are in the extreme SE corner. If you're looking for real seclusion, Southeast Oklahoma can probably meet your needs.


-- Brett (, February 18, 2002.

Gina, here's a little for you!

Lance's grandfather has a place on just a few acres (maybe 3 or 4) that they bought about 8 years ago. He was thinking of moving closer in to town recently, so they looked around. He was fussing that one house in town they looked at (not in too good of shape, apparently) was listed at $76,000. He thought that if that place was worth $76,000, his place MUST be worth at least that, maybe even $85,000! Okay, just to give you an idea of his place, the house is small, 1 bedroom upstairs, 1 1/2 bath, second bedroom in the basement, which is finished out. The big attraction is his shop. It is about the size of a four car garage, concrete floors, wood stove heated, with a small office on one side, and a shed for the lawnmower on the north. In addition, he has a 3-sided shed he uses to park the vehicles in and store lumber. They also have a greenhouse, and a VERY nice large garden which is fenced to help cut down on the deer raids. They are only a few miles outside Tahelquah, just 1/4 mile from Tenkiller Lake. In short, if it were in my area (3 hours west of there, just north of OKC), It would be worth $185,000, not $85,000!

The economy isn't booming, true, but that might actually work in the favor of a good mechanic. I see more older cars and trucks down there, which would actually mean an opportunity for more work, I would reason!

Overall, if I were moving, I would definitely plan a family outing in that direction. It is worth looking into more closely, I believe!

-- Christine in OK (, February 18, 2002.

Thanks everyone for your responses. We are planning on being in SE Oklahoma in May, and plan on making several more trips before September first. I appreciate all your help and time to answer my question. Thanks!!

-- Gina NM (, February 18, 2002.

I have 300 acres 17 miles west of McAlester. 4 years ago I paid 400. an acrea. We have a newer home which we wasn't included in the price of land. There is quite a few 100 acrea parcels available. My husband works for DAC (Dept. of Defense,Ammunition Center) at the Army Plant in McAlester. There of course is the Prision (UGH), Bolling which is engineering, many many others, I don't think there is a big unemployment in the area. All the ranchers seem to have other jobs too. There seems to be a lot of hugh homes being built all the time in maybe there are jobs!! Someone got to be able to afford those homes. I also see very large homes being built in the country so. they say the economy is fine in McAlester.

-- debbie (, February 19, 2002.

Hello, We live in what could be accurately described as the SE quarter of Oklahoma. Outside a little town of 4,000 or so. As others have said, the economy is not booming, but then booming economies and cheap land rarely go hand in hand. We have 20 acres up on a hill, overlooking a lake. 4BR, 2 BR house, about 2,000 SqF, cost $100K this past summer. Lots of places with more land and maybe an older farmhouse for ALOT less available..I just fell in love with this one. SE OK terrain is pretty in my view, there is plenty of water to grow things, lots of lakes and ponds. Check for rural and small town properties, that's how I found ours. Fell free to email me privately if I can be of further help.

-- Julie (, February 19, 2002.

Hi, Julie have emailed you privately, thanks.

-- Gina NM (, February 19, 2002.

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