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This time I want to start out by telling you about other places you can sell you crafts if you can't or don't wish to sell at craft shows. I have a craft shop that buys my crafts out right. I get a little less than I would if I took them to a show and sold them myself, but I figure that I didn't have to pay for a space at a show, I didn't have to set it up and sit all day, etc.... Another way to sell your crafts is to put them in a craft shop on consignment. Be carefull if you sell you crafts this way. You will be charged a fee for the crafts you sell, so be sure to set the price high enough that you make a profit and yet low enough that it will sell. This is a great way to make a little extra money for those of you who don't have the time to sell at craft shows.

Another place to sell your crafts (and this is where you need to get creative) is places like you hair dresser, doctors office, feed store, insurance office, etc.... Ask them if they would mind if you would put your things in their place of business and you would give them 10% of the profit of what you sell. Or how about taking you crafts around to local offices where there is lots of women working and offer to sell your crafts to them! I have done this and they sell well, especially around christmas time. Don't be shy, they can either say yes or no. Women who work don't have time to attend craft shows and like to buy things to dec. their homes or need a gift and may enjoy you bringing your crafts to them on a regular basis. Like once a month or so. Just ask!

I think I may have mentioned before that I work at a greenhouse. Well, I have been designing different things to sell there. Maybe if you have a greenhouse close by you could sell things there on consignment. Some of the things I am woking on are, river rocks painted to look like ladybugs and turtles, a butterfly bath(something in the line of a bird bath), bird houses, benches, yard signs, and window boxes. Some of the things other people have there on consignment are wooden waterpumps, wooden wheel barrels and a wagon wheel in window box. These things sell faster than the poor guy can make them. Hope this is giving you some ideas of other things you can make.

Another thing you can sell at crafts shows and of course this would be in the warmer months only, is plants. I go to alot of outside summer shows and the people that sell perennials and potted herbs do very well. They usually have some house plants, annuals, dried flowers and dried gords too.

I have seriously been thinking about doing something different to make a little extra money. Just need a change from the crafts I have been making. Have been having long conversations with my boss. She is a sweetheart and I can tell her anything. Well, anyhow she suggested to make things pertaining to pets. Things like dog, cat and horse biscuits. Wooden stands to put food/water bowls in. Scarves, sweeters, collars, leashes, rugs to put food dishes on, santa claus outfits, etc... Think about it, we all love our pets, and love to buy things for them. Some people treat their pets better than their own family. I have made dog biscuits and took them to craft shows and they sold well. Last summer I had a craft booth next to a lady that sold nothing but pet items and she sold alot. She was very busy all day. There is receipes here on the internet, but right now I don't remember exactly where I found them. Just type in something like "dogbiscuitrecipes" and hit search. Should have checked this out before telling you, but just remembered my conversation with my boss.

If your house is like mine, you always have blue jeans that are just to worn to pass down. Don't throw them out! I make lots of things out of them. First of all I cut out the backpockets leaving as much at the top as possible and the material behind the pocket. Also cut out the heavy double seams down the side. I make little girls purses out of these. Glue the extra material you left at the top of the pocket to the back of the pocket. Next cut the seam to about 24 inches and glue on to the top back of the pocket. Decorate the front of the pocket with bears, fish, raggety ann or anything you can find to cut out of material that would look cute glued on the front. Sometimes I add bows too. This is one of the crafts I make that I'm hoping to get a picture on here of them soon. The rest of the pants you can use to make rag rugs (I haven't made any yet, but saving pants to do this)> Or you can cut out squares to make covers for your kids beds. Sew the seams to be on the right side of the cover and put a backing on it, then knot it like a quilt. I have made these and they turn out really cute. I have also made small blankets for the kids to use as throws when they are watching t.v. You can use jeans to make place matts, pot holders, or how about window quilts! I have used jeans to make seat covers for my husbands truck and a cover for the dog house door. One day I got bored (not really just didn't feel like doing the usual chores) so I designed a jacket that I used blue jeans. You could probably do the same thing by getting a pattern that has a ragland (? spelling) sleeve and cutting the pattern into sections that would be small enought to fit on a pants leg. This is hard to explain. Then cut material to the same measurment as eacc piece of jeans and sew so the seams are to the outside. This is a self lining jacket. Then just sew close to the unfinished edges around the neck, bottom, front, and sleeves. Next clip the seams on the jacket it's self about every 1/2 inch and wash and dry. The clipped edges fluff up real neat. This is another project I want to get a picture to you. This jacket takes about 12 pairs of pants. Then to decorate the jacket I took the advertising labels off the pants and sewed them various places on the jacket. Have been thinking about having my pattern published but have never gotten around to it. I'm sure there are many more uses for old jeans, just need to get my thinking cap on. I use alot of jeans and get my at the Mercy Mission for $2 a trash bag full. They save me the ones they can't sell. I asked Good Will, but they said they bail theirs for rags.

I had a lady e-mail me and asked me about selling baked goods at crafts shows. This is a great idea too. The are only a couple of problems you may run into. The first one is a liscense. Some craft shows may require you to have one, check first. And the other problem is not all craft shows will allow you to sell food as it maybe in competition with their food stand. Some crafts shows are to benefit a charity. Our local YMCA has a craft show in the spring and winter and the proceeds go to the YMCA and they have a food stand so no one can sell any type of food there.

Well, gotta go. I sure hope I've helped you out. If any of this was confussing to you or you want more information PLEASE e-mail me. I don't at all mind answering any and all questions. Just love helping others. I know it's hard to make extra money when your a stay at home mom (was one for 25 years) or just don't want an outside job. I wouldn't be working either if it weren't for having such a great boss, she let's me set my own hours and even let's me have all the time I need off for canning season, she's a homesteader too, and understands. Will try to get back to you again as soon as I can. Have a great day.

-- Jo in PA (, February 17, 2002


Jo, I would love for you to put on some photos of your crafts. I would really like to see those lady bugs, etc. and that jean jacket!

Also, what is your "day job" and how in the world did you get such a great boss and a homesteader no less? Lucky you!

-- Karen (, February 18, 2002.

My day job is working in a greenhouse. Actually there is three greenhouses and over an acre of perennials. I am the only full-time employee, with a couple part-time seasonal helpers. The pay is not great, but the benefits are out of this world! I can make my own hours, I get all my plants free, my boss is the sweetest person in the world, can take my kids to work, boss (actually I consider her my best friend) constantly praising me, etc.... I JUST LOVE MY JOB! I feel I have the perfect job. I don't mean to brag, but words can not describe how much I enjoy my job. So if you guys ever have any gardening questions, just ask. If I don't have an answer, I'll get answer from my boss.

As for how did I get my job. Well, I was a customer at the greenhouse that I am now working at, then over the years we became friends. One day she called me and asked if I would help out a day or two a week just pinching the dead flowers and odd jobs and it turned into a full- time job. I am now considered part of the family and get invited to all their family picnics, parties, etc.... I feel VERY blessed to have the job I have, even though I don't have to work, I do just because I love my job and boss.

I plan on posting pictures, but with job, kids, animals, crafts, daily chores, just haven't had time to get out crafts to take pictures to post. My hubby is an over the road truck driver and doesn't get home every weekend, so he's not a lot of help. He does what he can when he's home, but most of the homestead chores are mine. Hope to get you guys pictures soon as it will soon be garden plantig time and then I have no time. We put out a HUGE garden and plan on making it bigger this year. I am always looking for different and unusual canning receipes. Do you guys have any you can share. I just found one for peach pie filling. Made applepie filling for the first time last year. It was yummy! I have been canning for years and have the usual veg., fruit, jelly, pickle, meat, etc.... recipes, just looking for something different.

Well, gotta go. Have a great day!

-- Jo in PA (, February 19, 2002.

Thanks Jo! We will look for those photos when you get time. Also, I wanted to add that I have set a new catagory called "How to Sell Crafts" and have reset your posts to be in this new catagory. It will be helpful to have this catagory when your posts, or others like it, are achived. I think your info has been so helpful and can't wait for more.

-- Karen (, February 19, 2002.

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