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Sunday is often my work in the yard day, and today was the first day of spring here, no matter what the calendar says. I spent all day in the yard, spraying weed killer where necessary, weeding five LARGE raised flower beds, mulching, planting irises and ferns, mulching, cleaning out the small water feature where the doves drink, trimming back winter nipped plants, carting trimmings to my NEW compost bin that I made this week with T posts and cattle panels, mulching, and watering fruit trees.

It is VERY dry here in south Texas. The farmers are starting to plant corn, but we need rain SOON.

Did I mention shoveling mulch from the pile to the wheelbarrow then out to the flower beds? I think I will sleep well.

I think I will sleep well tonight,

-- Rose (, February 17, 2002


Hi Rose. I sure wish I could go out and work in the yard. We have 7" of new snow. I am usually able to start yard work towards the end of March, but some years I can't start until a couple weeks into April due to the snow. I hope this year the snow melts early. George

-- george nh (, February 17, 2002.

Rose, Can you give the specifics on that compost bin? I'm doing clean up too and am in need of somewhere to put it all. Thanks. Melissa (North Florida)

-- Melissa Munroe (, February 18, 2002.

Hi Rose,I was in Texas over the weekend it was nice to see flowers blooming and green grass again.I am beginning to plan my garden work for this year but thats all for now,cant do much else in central IL.Hope you get that much needed rain soon.willa in IL.

-- willa (, February 18, 2002.

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