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Philip, my new address:

All this reading was so good for me. Is Truth the unveiling of Being? Is Truth an Essence of Being? I thought I had the meaning of Being but then it eluded me again. Does Thomas define it in the word 'esse'? -page 188. Am I trying to control Being in trying to define it ? Top of page 191. One can grasp .... heart falters. maybe, this whole paragraph answers what I am trying to say about control? Page 190 -personal truth takes me to the edge of mystery also bottom of page191 and over. It is a prayer. Thanks Philip. Maureen.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002


Response to von Balthasar - Maureen Breen - 17 Feb 02

Maureen, Yes, there is a lot of reading--and it's good for me too!

I put a new title on this section, a phrase taken from your text--which I think corresponds to something central in Balthasar's position.

Now to reply to your questions: A lot of people think they know the meaning of Being, but find it eludes them again! The reason is that we swing between essence (what can be defined, the form, the nature of something) and existence (the sheer presence, facticity, reality) of things. Meaning has more to do with essence, but without existence, without presence, what meaning is there? So we don't really *define* being--we do that with essence. I think you are right to refer to pp. 190-191. There are some fine passages here: to mull over them, to ruminate on them will help you.

I really like the whole approach of Balthasar in this book: it has room for so much that seems to be excluded by other approaches--and, crucially, it is a theory of truth that allows for mystery and for mysticism and for the special place of Christ.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002

Philip, thank you for your replies. Your answer about *Being* was very clear. Now I have a grasp of the meaning of those words.You are very patient. Also, thanks for pointing out my mistake in writing address! I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Maureen.

-- Anonymous, February 20, 2002

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