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If your new to crafting or sewing here the best hint anyone can give you! Don't use your sissors for both cloth and paper. Paper dulls sissors. Have one pair to cut cloth and a seperate pair for paper. You can mark them so you know which are which.

-- Karen (, February 17, 2002


Response to Crafting Hint of the Day

Paint sewing scissors handles with "red" and inform family members their life is in trouble if you catch them cutting a rubber innertube or other such item with them!! Well, I actually did this but it did not slow down the dulling episodes. Always same story, "I was just cutting, blah,blah, it won't hurt them". Oh boy, they just do not realize other items dulls scissors quick and then they will only "chew" thru fabric.

-- Marie (, February 17, 2002.

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