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Was just wondering if any one makes thier own wine and if you could tell me a good internet site that you might have used for the directions. Also, approximately how many pounds of grapes does it take to make one bottle? Thanks for your help.

-- Always in the Dog House (, February 17, 2002


have made wine for many years quite successfully most of the time. Wife used to make it from almost everything (except grapes) ie dandelion, potatoe, raspberry blackberry, etc. Now mostly we make it from concentrate, much easier and simpler. Buy carton of conc. for $30 Can. which makes about 5 gallons. Everything included in carton except water and equipt. Not gourmet quality but not bad!! Tomas in b.c.

-- tomas (, February 17, 2002.

We have not made any wine since internet ---we were "Before Internet Wine Makers"-(ha)-never made any /out of grapes-----I would say any good search engine & "wine makeing" would get you many----many sites-- - have fun----we were not great wine makers--just what we enjoyed ourselves!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, February 17, 2002.

A good site is

He has good instructions and recipes listed. You can also contact E.C. Kraus at 1-816-254-7448 for a free information filled catalog with extremely reasonable prices.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, February 17, 2002.

Look at your library for wine making books-its pretty easy. Uasually you make wine by the gallon, not the bottle, so I don't know amounts for one bottle...a kit is good for your first try-if you live in a city, some of your better liquor stores have kits and supplies.

-- Kelly (KY) (, February 19, 2002.

Wine Making is sooooo easy all you need is a large container with a air tight lid and a air lock of some sort and some bottles and corks/stoppers you can make wine from alomost anything just rember clean! then sterilise! other wise you get vinagar!!!.

good sites:

-- Luke Davison (, January 12, 2003.

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