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Could someone please confirm the correct address for Equifax UK where I can obtain a copy of my credit file.

Many thanks

-- Jessie (jessie01@talk21.com), February 17, 2002


The Equifax web address is; http://www.equifax.co.uk/equifax/consumer and their postal address is; Credit File Advice Centre, PO Box 3001, Glasgow, G81 2DT.

Equifax provide an online request process at; https://www.equifax.co.uk/equifax/consumer/consumerApplication.htm if you are willing to pay the 2 fee by credit/debit card.

You may also wish to ask for your credit file from Experian, again there is a 2 charge for this. The Experian web adress is; http://www.uk.experian.com/consumer/consumer_yourfile-howcopy.html and you can obtain a form for downloading there for a copy of your file. The Experian address is; Consumer Help Service, Experian Ltd, PO Box 8000, Nottingham, NG1 5GX.

Experian also provide a quarterly or monthly credit file service as well. You have to pay up front for a year and they will send you your credit file every month, or quarter. The form for this is also on their web site.

Good Luck.

-- anon (i.hate.abbey.national@another.com), February 17, 2002.

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