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I've got lots of fabric sitting around that I'd like to use to make a skirt or two. Only problem is that I have 1-3 yards of each of the different fabrics, not enough of any one fabric for a skirt. So I'm hoping I could make a sort of patchwork skirt. Can anyone help me out with some directions? They have to be simple, I've done very little sewing. Thanks.

-- M. S. (, February 16, 2002


Take a skirt that you have with an elastic waistband and trace a pattern off it onto tissue paper, making sure you add in seam allowances. Or if you want real ease, go buy a pattern. (As a money- saving tip, patterns are so expensive these days that it would be a good cost-saving idea to trace any pattern you buy onto tissue paper. That way if you want to make the same thing in a different size you can still use the original pattern. Also, if you use a pattern enough times it wears out, but if you've traced it you will always have the original to fall back on.) Then just make patchwork in whatever manner you wish to fit the pattern you made or bought. If you want to save on labor, use large blocks. Have fun and be may set a trend!

-- Sheryl in ME (, February 16, 2002.

Hi M.S. Rule number one: use the same type of fabric for each item, don't mix kinds like wool and cotton or denim and chintz. Patterns in fabric stores around here are always 50% off. Guess they expect to make up the dif in selling material and notions. Simplicity Patterns are my favorite--no fuss, just basics. Anyway, I take a pattern and cut it up into (large) odd shapes (not curves) and lay it on the material and cut it allowing for 1/2" seams all around. Just relax and let the imaginative juices flow! Have fun and don't fuss, just do. So what if the first try doesn't work? That's called a learning curve! Try again. Before mid 20th century, printed patterns didn't even have ANY instructions, or showed seam allowances. Pattern makers just assumed you knew what to do! HAVE FUN WITH IT. And, M.S., email me if you have questions. I'd be happy to help.

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (, February 17, 2002.

If you have a Joannes fabric they run at least 1 brand of patterns for .99 cents a month .Thats the onlt time I buy them.

-- Patty {NY State} (, February 17, 2002.

I stock up at the Joann pattern sales too, Patty. You just can't go wrong at those prices.

Stacy in NY

-- Stacy (, February 17, 2002.

M S, I am a quilter, not a seamstress but I do get number of catalogs. I see patterns for patchwork skirts, coats etc in them all the time. You might get on the web, look up "KEEPSAKE QUILTING, or CONNECTING THREADS, and request catalogs. In the meantime I'll go back through all of mine today and try and find those patterns! If I do I'll get back to you with the name and web addy of which one it is. LQ

-- Little Quacker (, February 17, 2002.

Don't limit yourself to just making skirts. If you sew up a yard or two of "patchworked" material, you can then cut any shapes you want out of it, like pieces for a vest, or top or purse or whatever. When I buy patterns these days, I buy some that have lots of choices for items of clothing eg. Buy a pattern for a skirt that also includes; pants, vests, or shorts etc. (although you wouldn't catch me dead in those!) I have a few patterns that I have used many, many times because I like the way the garment feels, or looks. After the pattern starts to get worn, I lay it out on blank newsprint and make another, transferring darts, notches etc. (The local newspaper gives away end rolls of newsprint and sometimes there is a mile of paper still on them). Hope this helps! Glad to see people still like to sew!

-- Harmony (, February 17, 2002.

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