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Ok, so today it is sunny and warm and I want to grow things real bad. I must be getting old as I have Hatched out about a kabillion eggs and now I cant remember exactly how many days they take. I figure if they take a few weeks I can go ahead and let the hens set now and hopefully there will be enough hours of daylite to move the leghorn hens out of the pen before they hatch. Oh yes, the chickens I am going to let set are my Silkies. The leghorns are going up to the pen in the barn where there is no electric.

-- Corky Wolf (, February 16, 2002


Chicks take 21 days although I have had them start to pop on the 20th day. Half way through you can tell bad eggs from good by candling, with a light bulb or flash light. If you can't tell from that hold egg near your ear and shake GENTLY. A bad egg will rattle. If you can weed out the bad ones it saves you from a mad hen with a messy nest because a bad egg broke. Happy hatching!

-- Leslie Ann Rigley (, February 16, 2002.

Corky, you think YOU have it bad! Some kind soul on this forum posted the eggbay site. So far, I have a dozen Barred Rock chicks cheeping away in a box in the dining room; Salmon Favorelle eggs, Dominique eggs, and bantam Rhode Island Whites coming in the mail. PH doesn't know. Shhhhhhh! Buff Dundotte Guinea eggs coming in May. ;)

-- Judy in IN (, February 16, 2002.

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