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When purchasing scrapbooking or other simular crafts, think outside the box a bit and you will save BIG money. As long as your products (like paper, etc.) are acid free you don't have to buy from the scrapbooking store or department.

For gel pens, markers, stickers and letter stencils check out the children's department. For glue, paper, cardstock, paper cutters, cutting knives, folders, envelopes check in the office supply section. For sissors, cutting mats, adornments, beads, check out the sewing department. For stencils, paints, etc. check in the art/stenciling/painting department. I just purchased a wall stenciling pattern in the exact same pattern being sold in the scrapbooking store. Scrapbooking store price: $5.95...Walwart wall stencil: 77 cents!!! By the way, most acrylic, non-toxic, brand name craft paints (Apple Barrel, Folk Art, Delta, Ceramcoat, etc) are acid free and a much cheaper than special scrapbooking paints.

-- Karen (, February 16, 2002

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