Dressing warmly for farming

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Keeping warm at this time of year can be difficult when you are going back and forth to the barn for milking and births. I just thought we could all give some warm up ideas. I have a crocheted shawl which I use interchangeably on my shoulders or on my head. It really works to keep my head warm and is much warmer than a hat, as it also covers my neck. I am also really into layering. This keeps me much warmer than just a coat. How do you all keep warm?

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (littlebit@farm.com), February 15, 2002


I have a pair of insulated overalls that are wonderful. They are sized for a woman and have zippers up both legs to make putting them on and removing them easier. These aren't COVERalls, but overalls so my ease of movement is much greater. I also have some silk and silk/lambs wool long johns from Cabella's and BassPro. Then it's a pullover sweater and jacket of appropriate weight. I spun and knitted some fingerless gloves and a wimple for the hands and head. The wimple is a little more fitted, almost like a balaclava. If it's really cold, I put a dubbelmossa style cap over the wimple. Handspun and knit wool socks and good waterproof boots complete my barnyard ensemble. As you can see, layering is the key even here in Missouri.

-- sue (notime@noplace.net), February 18, 2002.

I have the insulated overalls too. I also wear wool shirts as a kind of light jacket over my regular clothes. Two can be worn at once, they are more effective this way than one thick sweater or whatnot. What is really nice is to find a wool shirt or jacket that has been shrunk down, these will actually repel water and they are very warm.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), February 18, 2002.

Depends on how long I'll be out, but if it's 1/2 hr to an hour, I wear regular clothing, then a hooded sweatshirt. I have knit hats, and pull the hood of the sweatshirt over that to protect my neck. Over all, the insulated coveralls. I have Northern boots for the muddy season-- if it gets REALLY cold, I have a set of insulated boots, and buckskin gloves.

-- Judy in IN (whileaway3@cs.com), March 02, 2002.

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