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Just bought their cd the other day. Pretty damn good if you ask me. I get the feeling Tator would like it. Let me explain.

Song 1: Prison Song

About the power contraband drugs has produced. Too many good people caught at the wrong time are in the American Prison System, while at the same time dictators in other countries are rising to power via the trade of drugs. Talks of how drugs became conviently available after the peace rights movements of the 60's, possibly meaning that the government created the drug as a "trap" to throw the peace lovers in jail.

Song 3: Deer Dance

About the protesters of todays day and age trying to stand up for their rights, and constantly being pushed down by their respective governments. Mentions how we live in a society that give "presents" of rubber bullets and uses Baton (those big ol' black things police hit people with) curtesy. Then goes on to talk of how the police are so big and brave, using their fully automatics to push the children around.

Song 5: X

About the ever expanding population of idiots, and how it must be stopped. The song talks about how "we dont need to multiply", and "we dont need to nullify". Most likely in referrence to the way we treat most situations, with power and guns.

Song 8: Science

How we, as humans, are slowly becoming more and more ignored by the government, as the government seems to be paying more and more attention to what is best for the GOVERNMENT, instead of the people. "Science has failed to recognize the single most important element of human existance" referring to our stuggle for freedom, that is slowly being lost.

Theres more, but Im getting tired of typing. Id just like to end with sayin that the fact these songs are done in metal/punk/rock style (its unique music, Ill give it that) makes them even better. I just love this fucking cd (Toxicity, in case any of you were wondering), and I love the fact that the lead singer/guitarist is OF MIDDLE EASTERN DESENT. Its kinda like giving the middle finger to all those rednecks who hate the fact that this guy is making money, and that they cant stop it. :)

Okay, well, thats all. Whew.

-- Vampyro (, February 15, 2002


Yeah! That sounds cool. I will try to get it. Have you ever listened to Staind? I like their music and most of their lyrics. But some of them sound kinda communist.

Ummm, remember the Presidents of the United States of America? Did you see the Vidio for Peach? They were in a tree playing their instruments and then all of a sudden ninjas come out and start fighting. They were in it for fun. Not money. They were more real than most rockers out there today. Rock is becoming more like Pop and Rap combined. No melody. Just sythisized beats. Sad. So sad.

-- Dick Tator (, February 16, 2002.

Have you heard Kittie?

-- Dick Tator (, February 16, 2002.

I just got the CD. That shit is great! The drummer really gets into it, dont he? I liked #8- Forest. And #12- Toxicity.

PS. #10 was Science. Great one too! I think Toxicity has a video, right? I was awsome. Ever seen Alien Ant Farm's video?

-- Dick Tator (, February 16, 2002.

Song 2~ Needles. That song speaks to me more than the others. It is about dictatorish goverment infesting our lives like a parasite. And when will I be free? And you a paracite, just find another host, Just find another fool to roast, cause you, My Tapeworm tells me what to do, you, my tapeworm tells me where to go.

And then it goes on to say that we should forceably remove the parasite (government officials).

I am thinking now that the problems we have are too much even for my Libertarian ideals. Maybe we do need to pull the tapeworm out of our ass...

-- Dick Tator (, February 17, 2002.

bout time you came around

-- mike (milynch@sbch.chspo), February 22, 2002.

Hmmm... I wonder.

-- Dick Tator (, February 22, 2002.

Oops. I forgot about posting this topic.

Yeah, well, SOAD kicks fucking ass. Im really hoping they dont become some crap band like offspring went, but from what I see, it seems that all of their music is directly AGAINST things like that.

-- Vampyro (, February 23, 2002.

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