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Hi Again! First I want to answer two questions I was asked. The first one is "How to find craft shows to attend?" There are several places. A good place is in the classifeds in your local newspaper. Another place is on the bulletin boards in your local grocery store and discount stores. I have also found advertisements on flyers in the windows of stores. Or if you can attend a craft show you could ask some of the people selling crafts if they could help you find some shows to go to. Some will be very helpful, some won't. Don't get discouraged, just keep asking. Don't buy the magazines that advertise crafts shows that you could attend. They are very expensive and usually not in your area.

The next question was "What kind of canopy do you use when you attend outside shows?" I bought a very inexpensive canapoy at our local discount store called Ames. It's much like a K-Mart. It's called a dining canopy. It's the kind that's plastic, with plastic going down the sides. A little fancier than the plain canopies, but doesn't have the bug netting. I paid $20. for it about 2 years ago on sale. Some people get the easyups(? spelling). They are nice if you are by yourself, but the last I checked they cost around $100. Now back to the canopy I have. I got 8 cheap ($3. each) shower curtains and hooks to add to my canopy when I put it up. I just hang the curtains on the rods when I put it together and then clothes pin the curtains back to the canopy. This works great if it rains. I can just pull the curtains closed and clothes pin the curtains together if it rains. I have been thru many rains and it works well.

Sorry I gotta go. Didn't have much time tonight, but wanted to answer these two questions. Will try to get back soon to help you more and PLEASE ask any questions you may have. It helps me to help you. Have a great day!

-- Jo in Pa (, February 15, 2002

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