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Welcome, welcome...

It's a beautimus day here at the Tiki Tavern so pull up a seat and watch the dolphin and manatee's as they frolic in the warm saltwater while balmy breezes flow easily across the bay.

What'll ya have there partna? cold beer or something with a taste of the islands..rum mayhaps?

Enjoy the Jamaican JuJu's soothing island sounds as you lose yourself in the hypnotic rhythm of their steel drums and conga's.

Say your lookin to adjust your attitude further? The Spliff Junkett departs hourly from the dock for a little cruise that will surely ease the brain from all its stress and strain : )_

A bit hungry now eh? You name it we serve it, with a big smile and a huge dose of southern hospitality, all free of course.

No nekkidness allowed at the main bar but Skin Beach is just down the way 100 yards or so and the waitstaff will be happy to take your libation and muchie orders there.

Come on in and sit a spell and have a nice weekend yaw'll : )

-- capnfun (, February 15, 2002



Get you a bigger Spliff Junkett and the fuel will last longer….;^))

Best Regards

-- So (, February 15, 2002.

Hey capn~!

Feels right comfy with all the palm trees and tropical sea breezes cooling the bar! Could ya heat me up some hot wings? I brought the homemade salsa and chips if anyone is interested-help yourself! Made from the hottest serranos I could find! Where IS that sumer? And Unkie, anybody seen Unk lately?

-- Aunt Bee (, February 15, 2002.


If you'll put up a sign that says "no mention of Enron," I'll join in. I'll sip some tea and enjoy the music.

You ARE prepared to handle teatotalers, aren't you? :)

(I once considered making a living as the Professional Designated Driver.)

-- Stephen M. Poole (, February 15, 2002.

BTW, Soc, nice to see ya! Pull up a stool! Been a long time since we talked! Hey, where is cin and Pammy? and Carlos?

-- Aunt Bee (, February 15, 2002.

Not every tea has to be Irish Stephen. So I got here late. I was busy.

-- Carlos (, February 15, 2002.

With the despicable attitudes toward gay Muslims terrorist who are addicted to crack displayed in this thread, it is no wonder that I no longer visit this forum.

-- confused florida voter (Is@Buchanan.Gore?), February 16, 2002.

Soc, I just put extra gas jugs in the dinghy and pull it behind us, just in case.

B, Thanks fer the Salsa, you know I love it so. Wings are always gooode : )

Stephen, Sign posted, hell, I shoulda thought of that! It's always good to have a DD around, your'e nominated.

Carlos, Better late than never buddy, Stephen would come and fetched ya if ya were havin' trouble gettin' a ride.

Well, it's Saturday and time to open up for another FUN filled day. Come one, come all. I think I'm gonna take an early mornin' boat ride : )

-- capnfun (, February 16, 2002.


Yeah, I've been too busy, too.

A man needs to relax now and then. :)

-- Stephen M. Poole (, February 16, 2002.

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