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And I don't like how the board is not listening to us.

-- (, February 15, 2002


They are soooo Ugly. They do not in any way present a Floridian look and those of us that prefer the "Florida Look" be it contemporary or Deco or modern. Not that ugly victorian, colonial stuff.

-- Bill Richardson (, February 15, 2002.

This is homeowners association intrigue at its finest. Did they get three bids? Who will pay for the install? Why do they ignore the survey? Cheyl Angilotti offering to install 700 mailboxes herself, sounds like we will get another assement for installation. Why the emergency meeting? Did some one rather presumptiously order the boxes and is now trying to put the Association on the hook for the order? As for a second opinion, they are also very ugggleee. When the President resigns, its time for a new election. Do the directors realize that they are personally liable for real irregularities? Is this perhaps why the President resigned?

-- Michael J. Paolini (, February 15, 2002.

The old ones look great when they're upright, painted and aren't adorned with reflectors and all kinds of other "stuff". Check out the one at the northeast corner of Sugar Pine and Raintree. The owner just installed it and it looks great.

-- george matzen (, February 18, 2002.

i just bought a new mailbox. i do not want a new one. the easy solution would be to write up people with old ugly mailboxes and make them repair or replace them. i did mine for 70$

-- tim young (, February 23, 2002.

I just received an email about the last meeting. These people are crazy. Let me be the first to volunteer a one hundred dollar contribution for the "lets sue the Board of Directors" fund. This is a complete abuse of process.

Mike Paolini

-- Michael J. Paolini (, March 03, 2002.

I feel this board has done a fantastic job!!! You can see the results not only in appearance but home values. You may not like them and you can do what we do in America (Vote them Out) but until then quit CRYING!!! and giving our community a bad reputation. Pay your 137 dollars and get on with your life. Im sure there are many other things that are more important.

-- Charles Laugh (, March 30, 2002.

Please people lets let this whole high school mess of mailboxes be over. I know that I and MANY of my friends and neighbors LOVE THE NEW SIGNS. Yes,...the old board went about it the wrong way. But, Yes...our neighborhood looks so much better for it. Have you seen the street signs have been added just off of Pheasant and Pheasant? They are awesome. While stopping to look this morning many others stopped and complimented the signs. MANY of us have changed our minds and would like the mail boxes. I wish we could revote on the mailbox issue to see how many have changed their mind since seeing our new signs. Let be done with this whole thing. Let's get them ...they do LOOK BETTER. It's only $137 ....let's get real. LET THIS THING GO AND BETTER THE LOOKS OF OUR NEIGHBORHOOD!

-- Julie C. DiDomenico (, April 13, 2002.

The real WINNERS came to light at the first meeting of the NEW Board held at Calusa School -- it's the ATTORNEYS !!! The attorneys love all this dissention (the Hatfields and the McCoys) and the new Board clearly showed they have no intention of uniting our neighborhood. The new Board said that their contact with the ATTORNEYS is privileged and confidential due to possible/pending litigation. The NEW Board refused to read aloud or make open for Homeowner review and inspection the correspondence that the NEW Board has already had with the ATTORNEYS.

Is this how you want our Homeowner's Association fees spent? Lining the pockets of the ATTORNEYS who will continue to churn this matter up to generate MORE ATTORNEYS fees. Believe me, I know how it works - - I worked for ATTORNEYS for 15 years…

I think we can all agree that the mailbox debacle could have been handled better. But it's time to move on. Remember the Presidential election -- for the good of the country we had to move on and accept the election results -- butterfly ballot and all. WELL, Pheasant Walk needs to move on. Over 350 homeowners have paid for the mailboxes, the money has been paid to the manufacturer and the mailboxes will be delivered in a few weeks. The NEW Board needs to make it clear to ALL homeowners that if people want to pay the lower price of $137.00 and receive a $37.00 credit on their 2003 Association fees (net cost of $100 for the mailbox) then they need to purchase the mailbox by the deadline of April 30th. The people who do not purchase the mailbox by April 30th will end up paying more later, having relied on inaccurate, conflicting and misleading information disseminated by the NEW BOARD during the election process. What the NEW BOARD really seems to be afraid of is that the people who do not purchase a mailbox by the April 30th date will sue them.

Do you really want this NEW BOARD spending OUR Association / Homeowners money for ATTORNEYS fees???? Are we going to have a SPECIAL ASSESSMENT TO PAY FOR ALL THE ATTORNEYS FEES ????? Some of the Attorneys fees will probably relate to the actions of the NEW BOARD members conducted prior to the election when they were acting as individuals, not as elected board members -- does this seem prudent?

The new mailboxes are going up, right wrong or indifferent. The only issue is -- do you want to pay less for them by April 30th -- or pay more after April 30th? It really is a no brainer… Bonnie Weldon 15 year resident of Pheasant Walk

-- Bonnie Weldon (, April 14, 2002.

I think the new mailboxes look absolutely terrific and cannot wait for ours to be amongst the first to be installed. Friends of ours in Millpond have recently had to pay the crazy sum of $300 for a new mailbox. I think we are getting a very, very good deal indeed! And theirs are nowhere near as nice as ours will be. If we continue to see this kind of improvement in our lovely community, our lovely houses will continue to rise in price! Location, location and (attractive) location!

-- jane salimbene (, April 19, 2002.

Apparently many of the anti-mailbox people were absent from school the day our representative form of government was explained. Let me see if I can put it in simple terms. The U.S. is a democratic country, however our form of government is representative. That means that we elect officials (like the U.S. President, Senators and Congressional Representatives, etc.) Once those people are in office, they are empowered to make decisions on our behalf. They do not have to conduct a survey of the American people to see if we should go to war, etc. Got it?

Well guess what folks, our PW Board of Directors is elected utilizing the same principle. The Board was elected by the homeowners and they have the power to make decisions on our behalf within the parameters set forth in the Covenants for Pheasant Walk. I have reviewed the Covenants thoroughly (and in particular paragraph # 23) and the former Board appears to have done everything by the book. The Board is NOT obligated, advised or instructed by the Pheasant Walk Covenants to conduct surveys on any issue whatsoever.The Board is charged with making the best decisions they can given the circumstances, and within the limits set forth in the Covenants.

If the new Board persists in trying to back track and undo actions from the previous Board (and/or Boards) which were done in accordance with the Covenants and on advise of counsel, we will see a neighborhood further fractured and divided. One thing 699 homeowners will agree on is that imposing a special assessment to pay for legal fees that the new Board incurs relating to the mailbox mania is beyond ridiculous.

-- Bonnie Weldon (, April 20, 2002.

****************** VANDALISM ***********THIS MUST STOP ******* I don't know if you all noticed ....yesterday between Raintree and Briar Patch (streets next to each other) at least FOUR STOP SIGNS had been vandalized the night before. That doesn't include the one at Raintree and Sugar Pine that was vandalized Thursday night and cleaned on Friday. I only saw these two streets, I wonder what happened in the rest of the development. One said ... PW One said ....Ha Ha and others had either an X or just scribble. Can you believe that either the kids in this neighborhood or parents are doing this to us. It's not just the new signs either it's also the old. Where is our SECURITY ...are they parked so that everyone knows where they AREN'T! I'm sure that we don't have a lot of 12' high people in here....someone is going around with a ladder at night. Just thought I'd bring this to your if things in here with the signs aren't bad enough. This is pretty sad! Julie DiDomenico

-- Julie DiDomenico (, April 21, 2002.

Several STOP signs have been spray painted. It's not too hard to figure out what group of people would condone such a childish act. The NEW BOARD should make everyone aware that defacing the signs will not be tolerated. It is illegal to obscure traffic signs and should someone unfamiliar with the neighborhood have an accident due to the signs being damaged, the person(s) responsible for spray painting the sign will be held accountable. There are many eyes and ears in the community and eventually someone will come forward and identify who did this. There was a criminal case a few years ago where an individual went to jail because of a silly prank of removing a STOP sign which resulted in a fatality. Someone unfamilar to the area ran the STOP street where the sign had been removed and they were killed. THIS has gone far enough -- do you really want someone to be injured or killed just to express your dissatisfaction? Think about it...

-- Bonnie Weldon (, April 21, 2002.

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