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Does anyone have info and/or photos of the old ACL FREIGHT depot in New Bern, NC? I am referring to the old basically flat topped structure that used to hang out over the Neuse River. Please note: I am not referring to the still surviving old two story Union Station that was owned by the old NS/A&EC/NCRR/new NS. (I have the info on that station). I believe that the old ACL station survived until the early 70's. Again, any info and particularly photos (scans are fine) would be greatly appreciated. Another thing of interest in New Bern, NC was that on the ACL line about 2 miles or so from the end of the line (the line ended right at the station) heading south, there was a timetable designation of New Bern Yard. Now, I never knew of anything being at that location other than one siding that would hold maybe 20 to 25 cars. At some time WAY BACK was there more facilities located at this designation. I am stressing that the depot and the New Bern Yard designation which I am refrring to were on the ACL/SCL line. Other forums and Q&A efforts that i have tried seem to always think that I am referring to the old New Bern Union Station and the A&EC's New Bern Yard; I am referring to neither. I am referring to ACL/SCL.

Thanks, Raymond Smith

-- Raymond Smith (, February 14, 2002


Folks: Thanks for the responses thus far. I am 48 yrs old (which in railroad remembrances is really not that old). I never recall anything at this location called New Bern Yard other than a siding. I know New Bern (while not a large city by any means) was a pretty sizable freight producer and receiver years back and it made me wonder if at some point back in time there had actually maybe been 3 or 4 tracks at that location; it just seems strange to name 1 siding a "yard." Oh, well. I believe the wye that Mr. Bundy was referring to was one that was located just south of town VERY CLOSE to where the track crossed US Hwy 17. The track crossed Hwy 17 at an angle and if one were to go into the Arby's on Hwy 17 south, they would be standing in the middle of the old right of way. The wye was just north of this location and actually on the extreme end of the wye a business by the name of Horner Veneer was located.


-- Raymond Smith (, February 16, 2002.

Ray, One more bit on info. the #12 station list (19220 shows New Bern Yard as a Company siding. This is true up through #19 which is 1943. Eric Corse

-- Eric Corse (, February 16, 2002.

Ray The 4/29/1934 Northern Div. Ett also shows a car capacity of 40. and a distance of 1.2 miles between New Bern and New Bern Yard.I didn't see anything in the special instructions. Eric corse

-- Eric Corse (, February 16, 2002.

1944 and 1964 editions of the ACL Northern Division timetable indicate that New Bern Yard had a capacity of 40 cars. There was a wye at New Bern, near Hancock Street I suspect. The SCL timetable No. 4 eff. December 15, 1976 indicates the wye was then located at New Bern Yard, 1.8 miles south of New Bern.

-- Harry Bundy (, February 15, 2002.

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