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Has anyone ever tried to grow some of the domesticated mushroom varieties... shitaki, oyster etc.? I have been doing a bit of research about this and would like some real time info. I'd like to try the log incubation method using wooden dowels inoculated with mushroom myceilium.

Any experience home-made mycologists out there?


-- otter in NW Florida (, February 14, 2002


I have tried shitake plugs with success. area I am living in now is short on hardwoods so I haven't started the shitake operation I would like. if you haven't already been there I would recommend this site for both info and plugs:

there has been discussion of mushrooms on this board in the past but I can't find it in the Archives. Ken? Know where those went? Maybe a mushroom category is in order?

-- B. Lackie - Zone3 (, February 14, 2002.

another look in the Archives and I found it. in "Gardening (general)"

fyi - Countryside Archives are accessed by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Real treasure trove there. goodluck!

-- B, Lackie - Zone3 (, February 14, 2002.

I have used the plugs, and the sawdust. Both work, but the plugs are easier. Cut your logs about now, before the sap is up. Oak is best, in my opinion, but any hardwood should work. You may need to "force" the logs by immersing them in water for 24 hours or so, but you WILL get some great mushrooms. E-mail direct if you think I can help. GL! By the way, I am in Maine - where are you?

-- Brad (, February 14, 2002.

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