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I decided to commit myself to a 2002 Senna. This deal was done via an importer of M/c not an official dealer. My only concern relates to specific service detail. All my spanner work is done by a long time friend and experienced motorcycle mechanic. We are hitting brick walls when it comes to technical data ie valve clearances. After trawling through the questions and answers on this site I have no qualms about leaving my senna with a trusted mate as opposed to a so called official dealer but a mechanic is no good with out the relevant technical data.Is the lack of service information a dealer network conspiracy to ensure only they get the spanner work or is there info out there?

-- Tony Beckwith (, February 14, 2002


Service manuals are getting their way into consumers hands. I will try to post it when I get it.

-- mod (, February 15, 2002.

I have an engine service manual if anyone wants me to copy it I will. I do not have a scanner , or I would scan it in. I am looking for a chassis manual if anyone will part, or copy one for me. I use to work for Xerox, so I could make copies...shhhhhhhhhhhh and send them out for what ever it costs me to make them


-- david Chicatelli (, February 16, 2002.

There would apear to be an online service book , downloadable from this very site on the Questions page!! see Feb 2001

-- John Fallon (, February 17, 2002.

David I would be interested in a hard copy of the engine service manual. Let me know cost including your time and postage with a forwarding address and I will stick a cheque in the post. Cheers

-- Tony beckwith (tbeckwith, February 18, 2002.

Hey! Look in the MV web site. I just saw the manual available on line! Good luck!

-- Francisco Tejeda (, March 21, 2002.

I am also interested in finding a full service manual and chasis manual. If anyone can help out please email me on this. Thanks

-- Robbie Paggen (, December 26, 2002.

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